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Article ain't no makin' it:aspirations and attainment in low income neighborhoods Who is the author?
what is the article about: aspirations and attainment in low income neighborhoods
two groups hallway hangers and the brothers / provides insight into the way that social class shapes the lives , aspiration identity and beliefs
what are three characteristics of the hallway hangers?
you gotta be bad! alcoholic maculinity toughness and street wisdom
what are some characteristics of the brothers
only one white member. no smoke no drink no drugs no arrestes
What is the authors name of article entitled ethnography and meaning of adolescence in high risk neighborhoods
what does this article say about ethnography
that is can help us to understand adolescent development
what does erikson say in the article about ethnography and high risk neighborhoods
Adolescents growing up in such high-risk neighborhoods suffer from time diffusion brought on by the lack of trust in the future
what is the article about ethnography basically talking about
this article talks how low income children are not seeing that there is a point in striving because they see themselves dying so early in life
what does Bronfenbrenner talk about in the article about ethnography
he talks about the lack of distinction between the work worlds and the parent family role that kids need to take this does not help to develop life stages
who wrote "vice among m/f hs students relational context and support
susan harter
in the article about gender role identity and the female voice declining at an age of adolescents what was the counter argument
the author only makes claims to famales and not to mailes wshich is how she states that is is the females voice that starts to decline without making astudy of males
what is Gillian;s point to the entire article
she lays clam that females loose there voice as coming of age because they are treated differently
what is the aim of gillian point in her article
to demonstate theat level of vpoice varies across context / more support means more voice/ girl with female gender orientation loss there voice more prevalently/ low voice low self worth
what its really like for adolescent boys in america who is the author?
what was the article about "what it's really like for adol. boys
self-esteem is problematic for both boys and girls at the adolescence
a couple points from the "what it's really like for adol. boys" regarding safety of the boys
significantly more likely than adolescent girls to die before the age of eighteen /more likely to die at the hands of there caregivers/ more likely to be victims of violent crimes/
A couple of points from the "what it's really like for adol boys" regarding mental health
4 times more likely than adol girls to be emotionally disturbed/most patients at juvi centers are often male
suicide "what it's really like for adol boys" points
more likely to commit suicide/ more trouble in reaching out for help
what did the article "what it's really like for adol boys" say about adhd
One in six are female. military is a really good outlet for them
what did the article "what it's really like for adol boys" say about sexual abuse
1 out of 5 have been abused by age 18.