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Alienation of Labor
marx's term for laborers loss of control over their work process
leginitimate power intstitutionalized in organizations- when exists people grant others the right to power becuase they believe that those in power have the right to command and they themselves have a dut to obey. Essencial to government
economic system based on private ownership of property and competition in producing and selling goods and services
exceptional person quality popularly attributed to cretain individuals ex- king
illigitimate use for force ot threat of force to compel obediance
classless society that oporates on principle of "from each according to his abilitty t each occording to his needs"
corperation that owns companies in various unrelated industries
dual economy
economy that comprises a core or giant corperations dominating the market and a periphery of small firms competing for the remaining, smaller shares of businesses
economic institution
system for producing and distributing goods and services
ideological conservatives
US citizens who in theory are opposed to big governments becuase of their belief in free enterprise rugged individulaism and capatilism
industrial revolution
dramatic economic change brought about by the intro of machines into work process 200 yrs ago
ability to control others behavior through persuasion rather then coercion or authority
interest group
organized collection of people who attempt to influence gov. policies
mixed economy
econ system that contains elements of both capatilism and socialism
situation in which one firm controls the output of an industry
multinational corperations
corperations that have subsidaries in many countries
situation in which a very few companies control the output of an industry
operational liberals
US citizens who, in effect support big government by backing government programs that render services to the public
political party
grooup organzed for the purpose of gaining government offices
political power
capacity to use the government to make decisions that effect the whole society
political socialization
learning process by which individuals aquire political knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes
type of human interaction that involves some people aquiring and exercising power over others
potindustrial revolution
change of an economy into one dominated by high technology
ability to control behavior of others even against their will
movement aimed at the violent overthrow of the existing government
economic system based on public ownership and government control of the economy
use of violence to express dissatisfaaction with a governemnt