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gender inequality
"The differences in the economic, social, and political conditions of females and males."
"Stereotyping, prejuduce, and discrimination based on gender."
gender roles
"Social roles assignned on the basis of biological sex."
"Having the characteristics traditionally ascribed to both males and females."
gender socialization
"The process by which a person learns the behaviors and attitudes that are expected of his or her gender."
sexual stereotyping
"The portrayal of all females or males as having similar fixed traits."
"The fear of homosexuality."
double standard
"A ser of norms requiring different behavior for women and men, especially in regard to sexual activity."
sexual harassment
"Unwanted sexual comments, gestures, or physical advances, especially in the workplace."
The Functionalist Perspective- Women and Men
-Problems with contempoary gender roles stem directly from the historical changes.
-Traditionally, gender roles were based on biological differences between the sexes. Men- economic support. Women- child rearing.
-The industrial revolution changed all of this.
-It was no longer nessacary for women to devote most of their adult lives to the raising of children. Automation wiped out the importance of the male's greater strengh for most types of work.
-They suggest that expectations be made to conform more closely to actual conditions.
-Some advocate for the return of the stable past.
-Others advocate a redefinition of gender roles to bring them inline with current social conditions.
-They generally accept the need for a shift toward full sexual equality and a reconstruction of women's roles to encourage economic competition and achievement.
-Also basic institutions would also have to be modified to eliminate sexual discrimination.
The Conflict Perspective- Women and Men
-Say that men first used their greater size and strengh to force women into a subordinate posistion.
-Argue that the posistion of women in most societies today is similar to that of a subordinate ethnic minority.
-The feminist movement is both a reflection and a cause of the growing strength or women in industrial societies.
-Advise that women to continue publicizing their grievances, to bring al women and sympathetic men together in a unified movement, and to solicit the support of other dissatisfied social groups as well.
-Social action is the road to social change.