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classical school
-18 & 19 century
-considered to be the first formal school of criminology
authors associated with classicalism
-Beccaria, Bentham...
what Classicalism philosophy was
-philosophy of liberalism and utilitarianism to the justice system
-as used in criminal justice, it refers to crime prevention through the fear of punishment
statistical school
-explored the structure of emerging European socities with statistical methods
statistical school authors
-Quetelet and Guerry
positive school
-criminality is determined (cause and effect)
-and the mandate of criminology should be to search for the causes
positivism authors
-Lombroso and Garofalo, Ferri
-criminals are born criminals
founder of atavism
-cesare Lombroso
-criminals that were at an earlier stage of human evolution
throwbacks are morally inferior
-because of their limited evolutionary development
how throwbacks are identified
-through a series of physical stigmata
-physical signs of some special moral position
neoclassical theory
-a more individualized system of criminal justice
early 20th century biological theories
-criminality is related to biological inferiority including intelligence and body shape