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All parts in a system work together to achieve a goal
Systems Theory
A fit in environment to have our needs met and allows us to present something positive back to the community
Goodness of Fit
Name the Three M's
Micro, Mezzo, and Macro
interaction in a social setting according to any standards held up by society
social functioning
how are we able to balance your needs being in a certain environment
we make policies and strategies to help maintain social functioning
How many counseling sessions are there usually in an intervention
6-8 sessions
A generalist would hold this degree
A Therapist would hold this degree
human diversity is an example of what?
A social work value
nation's system of programs, benefits, and services that help people meet those social, economic and health needs that are important to run a society
Social welfare
social welfare services are viewed as normal functions of a modern socialized, industrial society
Institutinal social welfare
people should normally be able to meet their basic needs and only when the job market is bad, should the social welfare systems be involved
Residual social welfare