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those things not subject to human will, choice or efort
the act of choosing from a wide range of possible behaviors or appearances
the larger historical circumstances and social forces that bring people together

the larger social setting in which racial and ethnic cate gories are recognized constructed an challenged
minority groups
subgroups within a society that can be distinguisehed from members of the dominant group by identifying characteristics
a process where racial and ethnic distictions between groups disappear
involuntary minority
group that was forced into a society by slavery conquest or colonization
melting pot assimilation
a process of cultural blending in which the group involved accept many new behaviors and values from one another
a set of beliefs that are not challengedor subjected to scrutiny by the people who hold them
exxagerated and inaccurate generalizations about members of an outgroup
intentional or unintentional enequal treatment of individuals or groups on the basis of attribute unrelated to merit ability or past performance
selective perception
the process by which prejudiced person notice only those things that fit their sterotypes about an outgroup
indivual discrimination
any overt action by an individual that depreciates someone from the outgroup denies outgroup members opprotunities to participate or does violence to lives and property
an attribute defined as deeply discrediting because it overshadows all other attributes that a person might posses
mixed contacts
stigmatized normals are in the same social situation such as convo or not forced gathering
primary sex charactreistics
the anatomical traits essential to reproduction
secondary sex chara.
not essential to reproduction (voice, body hair breast developement) result from male and female sex characteristics
having male and female characteristics
have primary sex characteristics dont match the sex the percive to be or think they are
a social distinction based on culturally concieved and learned ideas about the appropriate appearance behavior and mental emotional characteristcis for males and females
physical behavioral mental and emotional traits believed to be male
physical behvioral mental emotional traits elieved to be of a women
gender polarization
organization of life around male-female distinction so that peoples sex is conected to everything like dress code social rules way of expressing emotion and sexualy desire