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extraordinary activities carried out by groups of people
collective behavior
Gustave LeBon's term for the tendency of people in a crowd to feel, think, and act in extraordinary ways
collective mind
Robert Park's term for back and forth communication between the members of a crowd whereby a "collective impulse" is transmitted
circular reaction
Blumer's term for an excited group that moves towards a goal
acting crowd
Step 1 of an acting crowd
Tension or unrest
Step 2 of an acting crowd
exciting event
Step 3 of an acting crowd
MILLING: a crowd standing or walking around as they talk excitedly about some event
Step 4 of an acting crowd
a common object of attention
Step 5 of an acting crowd
common impulses
Robert Berk's term for the efforts people make to minimize their costs and maximize their rewards
minimax strategy
Turner and Killian's term for the idea that people develop new norms to cope with a new situation, used to explain crowd behavior
emergent norms
type of participant who feels a personal stake in the unusual event
ego involved
type of participant who has a personal interest in the event, but less than the ego involved
the concearned
the participants who care little about the issue, but they join the crowd because it gives them a sense of power, security, or feeling of belonging
the curious spectators
the participants who don't care about the event but use it for their own purpose like hawking food or shirts
the exploiters
violent crowd behavior directed at people and property
unfounded information spread around people
three things that make rumors more believable
1. deal with a subject important to an individual
2. replace ambiguity with certainty
3. attributed to a credible source
the condition of being so fearful that one cannot function normally, and may even flee
the incorporation of additional activities into a role
role extensions
an imagined threat that causes physical symptoms among a large number of people
mass hysteria
a fear that grips a large number of people that some evil threatens the well-being of society followed by hostility, sometimes violence towards those thought responsible
moral panic
a temporary pattern of behavior that catches peoples' attentions
very short, intense fads
a pattern of behavior that catches peoples' attention and lasts longer than a fad
a story with an ironic twist that sounds realistic but is false
urban legend
a large group of people who are organized to promote or resist some social change
social movement
a social movement that promotes social change
proactive social movement
a social movement that resists some social change
reactive social movement
an organization people develop to further the goals of a social movement
social movement organization
a social movement that seeks to alter only some specific aspects of people (individual)(stop drinking)
alterative social movement
a social movement that seeks to change people totally (religious- change whole person)
redemptive social movement
a social movement that seeks to change only some specific aspects of society (Civil Right's movement)
reformative social movement
a social movement that seeks to change society totally (revolutions, ie. french)
transformative social movement
a social movement based on the prophecy of coming social upheaval
millenarian social movement
a millenarian social movement in which south pacific islanders destroyed their possessions in anticipation that their ancestors would ship them new goods
cargo cult
a social movement whose emphasis is on some condition around the world, instead of on a condition in a specific country (animal rights)
transnational social movement
a social movement that has the goal to change the social order not just of a society or two but of the entire world (communism, facism)
metaformative social movement
s dispersed group of people relevant to a social movement
movement accepted by authorities
how people think about some issue
public opinion
the presentation of information in the attempt to influence people, or one sided info trying to influence people
technique, "insensitive to the poor"
name calling
technique, general terms, "a real democrat"
glittering genrality
flags in the background of beer commercial
all types of propaganda (7)
name calling, glittering generality, bandwagon, testimonials, transfer, card stacking, plain folks
for any single point of view on some topic, there are competing view points
multiple realities
Kornhauser's term for an explanation for why people participate in a social movement based on the assumption that the movement offers them a sense of belonging
mass society theory
people who feel deprived, ie money, justice, status, etc, join social movements with the hope of redressing their grievances
deprivation theory
belief that people join social movements based on their evaluations of what they think they should have compared with what others have
relative deprivation theory
a sense of outrage at finding out what "really" is going on
moral shock
someone who joins a group in order to spy on it and sabotage it by provoking its members to commit extreme acts
agent provacateur
stage 1 of social movement
initial unrest and agitation
stage 2 of social movement
resource mobilization(a theory that social movements succeed or fail based on their ability to mobilize resources such as time, money and people's skills)
stage 3 of social movement
organization- division of labor, rank daily tasks
stage 4 of social movement
institutionalization- hierarchy made, collective excitement diminishes
stage 5 of social movement
organizational decline and possible resurgence, diminishing leadership