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A family system that allows marriage to only one person at a time.
A family system that allows more than one husband or wife at a time.
Nuclear family
A couple or single parent and children.
Extended family
A family in which other relatives besides a single set of parents and children live together.
Romantic love
The passionate affection toward another that is considered to be the ideal basis for marriage in Western culture.
Patriarchal system
A social system based on male domination.
Single-parent families
Families in which one parent lives with one or more children.
Dual-earner family
A family in which both the husband and the wife are employed.
Blended family
A family in which at least one of the marital partners brings in children from a previous relationship.
Children who move away from their home without parental consent.
Children who are driven out of their family homes because they are no longer wanted there.