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culture definition (2)
1. develops space we live in, and influences environment

2. has the ability to change space
place definition
sense of confinement/definite area
space definition
broadness, freedom
metaphor definition
uses familiar things to expose unfamiliar things
space turns into place after ___
how do we experience place
do we use 1 or multiple senses to experience place?
what senses ehance experience of space?
sound, sight, smell
___ is a basic experience of space
works, products definition
___ vs ____
works are created, products are produced
products are a part of a ____ ____
political economey
___, ____ systems are closely related
political, economical
products are the result of ___ ___, and are ____
repetitive action

works are ____
capitalist system
non owning workers

their goal
non working owners

maxamize profit, minimize costs
cost of making something
labor, tools, production, etc.
who is always alienated?
the proletariate
(2) means of production
1. means of labor
2. subject of labor
modes of production

3 items
stuff needed to make a product

1. means of production
2. labor
3. relations of production
in marxism, the __ is always ___ from his work
proletariat, alienate
leFebvre: who is the only thing that creates works?
the social place is both a __ and ___
works and products
raw materials, products behind production
ideoly, ideas that lie behind infastructure
__ __ are in a dialogic relationship (def)
infrastructure, superstructure

continual conversation, two way influence
gupta ferguson article main point (3)
territorial relationships between cultural differences

identity tied to land

close relationships between territorial boundaries
why has it been hard to set cultural boundaries
people have always been in motion
___ and ___ are linked
truth and power
regime of truth
systems of power >>produce and sustain>> truth >> induces and extends>> effects of power
foucalt summary
power determines what is truth, truth creates power

who defines this

induced through
one ideology that dominates while is silences the other. One ideology becomes common sense.

antonio gramsci

coercion and consent
submissing to power is sometimes ____
minimize cost, maximize profits
in a marxist system, there is alienation between ___ and ___
worker, product
political economey
economey and politics are one, and cannot be seperated from one another
social space
relationships of things