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Represents the US Navy Sergeon General in all medical functions
Duties of SMDR
Has direct access to ____ regarding health of personnel
Performance evaluations are not to be delegated below
Forbids assignment of medical personnel
NAVMED 6240/1
Food Service Sanitation Inspection
NAVMED 6470/1 per NAVMED P-5055
Exposure to Ionizing Radiation
annual TB report due to cognizant EPMU by
Feb 28th
NAVMED 6500/1
Report of Heat/Cold Injury
All medical equipment is required to have
NAVMED 6700/3
Assumes overall program oversight and coordination. Establishes MOU/MOA
Fleet Commander
Establishes protocals within TYCOM during operation
Fleet Commander
Excercise overall control and accountability
Type Commander
QA Record maintenance
Type Commander
Type Commander
Reporting Requirements
Type Commander
Program director appointed in writing by TYCOM
Force Medical Officer
Appoints sufficient physician, oversight of the IDC's clinical activites
Force Medical Officer
Ensures a viable training program
Force Medical Officer
Program Manager appointed in writing
Force Medical Master Chief
Provides specific guidance and orientation to group and squadron senior corpsman on program administration
Force Medical Master Chief
Advises the Program Director of discrepancies in regards of IDC QA
Force Medical Master Chief
Makes recommedation to Program Director to enhance IDC training
Force Medical Master Chief
Oversees the IDC QA Program
Group Squadron Commander
Maintains admin files of IDC cert/recert
Group/Squadron Senior MO
Provides updates to TYCOM database when personnel change
Group Squadron Senior MO
Conducts quarterly QA reviews for IDC's
Group Squadron Senior MO
Conduct quarterly QA reviews for IDC may be extended for _____ for deployed ships
CO shall obtain immediate QA review for what
Patient Death
All adverse reports are to be submitted to TYCOM within
48 hours after event discovery
Maintain skill levels within the scope of care for an IDC as delineated in
OPNAVINST 6400.1 series
SMDR's maust maintain required ______ CEU's annually
SMDR's must countersign what for junior HM's
SF 600
SMDR must provide a list to __ of all OTC medications which junior HMs are trained and authorized to dispense
What is the purpose of the Shipboard Medical Procedures Manual
standardize operations fleet wide
NAVMED p-117
Manual of Medical Dept
Manual of Naval Prev Med
Major Divisions of the Shipboard Medical Guide
CH 1 Intro
CH2 Training
CH3 Fiscal/Supply Management
CH 4 Health Care
CH 5 Environ Health/Prev Med Afloat
CH6 Medical Planning
CH 8 Blood Program
CH 9 Appendices
Watch, Quarter and Station Bill.
CH 1
Post-Deployment After Action Critique is submitted to appropriate Fleet Commander within ___ return from deployment
30 days
Crew General Medical Training
Post-deployment after actions critque
CH 1
IDC continuing education program
CH 1
Medical Dept Personnel Training
Medical Dept Personnel Training Includes:
Shipboard PQS
Pest Control
Cardiac Life Support
Long Range Training Plan
CH 2
Planning board for training (PB4T) is chaired by
PB4T usually meets how often to plan ships training schedule
once a week
PB4T is located in what chapter
CH 2
Medical Training Team (MTT) is located in what chapter
CH 2
What does AMMAL stand for?
Authorized Minimum Medical Allowance List
AMMAL is located in what chapter
CH 3
Drugs requiring special custodial care
CH 3
Medical Equipment Maintenance and Repair Program
CH 3
NAVMED 6700/3, Consolidated Ships Allowance List (COSAL) and Material Maintenance Managemetn (3M) system in located where
Medical Equipment Maintenance and Repair Program CH 3
CH 4 Health Care
Shipboard Emergency Medical Readiness
CH 4
Inspection and reporting procedures
CH 5
Sanitation Bill
CH 5
Food Safety
CH 5
Water Supply Afloat
CH 5