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Why dragon’s colors are important
They show how important the dragon is:bronze is most important; brown is middle; green is least important
Impress is after the hatching when the dragons chose their rider, telepathically
What we know about bronze dragons
Bronze is most important color for male dragons, very few bronze dragons; rare hardest to impress, fastest, most powerful, choose Keeven
What we know about green dragons
green are least important to impress; they are common, small, and least powerful
How do we know the story is set in a different world
Dragons exist in Pern, the ppl use different words, different customs like impressing dragons, names are shortened when boys become dragonriders
Takes care of all the candidates/nurse of dragonriders; Keveens foster mom & wingsecond; all her fostlings become dragonriders
She is a weyr woman, leader of dragonriders, she can communicate with all the dragons
Beterli’s negative personality traits
he picks on the weak, he is a bully, cruel, self serving
Why Beterli did not become a dragonrider and evidence from the story
He beat up Keeven so he was dismissed from the dragon impression. His behavior was not acceptable for a Dragon-Rider
What qualities Keeven has that would make him a good dragonboy (2 reasons)
Keevan is well mannered and polite because he respects the weyr leader he is also honest and kind
Why Keevan is the underdog (2)
he is smaller, not as strong, and doesn’t have a lot of experience
What Keeven wants more than anything at the beginning of the story
He wants to fit in and become a dragon-rider; and be chosen by a Dragon
proof that he becomes a dragonrider at the end of the story (3)
He gets chose by a dragon, telepathically speaking to the dragon; dragon worries about him; name shortened to K’Van
Pern at the hatching ground
Keevan, mende, Bronze Dragon
Berteli and the wingsecond who didn’t believe in Keevan
List the conflict(s) Which is most important? Give examples from story
1) Berterli & Keevan got into fight; 2) When weyrleaders are fighting at diner; 3)Doubted by everyone to be a DragonRider/small and young
Bronze Dragon picks Keevan