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Small intestine divergent channel
separates from the primary channel at the shoulder, enters the axilla, crosses the Heart and descends to
the abdomen where it connects with the Small Intestine.
Small intestine luo connecting channel
separates from the Small Intestine channel at Zhizheng SI-7 and connects with the Heart channel,
ascends along the arm and connects with the shoulder at Jianyu L.I.-15.
The Small Intestine primary channel meets with other channels at the following points:
Channels: LI, DU, BL, ST, REN, GB, SJ.

Points: Binao L.I.-14, Dazhui DU-14, Fufen BL-41, Dazhu BL-11, Quepen ST-12, Shanzhong REN-17, Shangwan REN-13, Zhongwan REN-12, Tongziliao GB-1, Touqiaoyin GB-11, Jiaosun SJ-20, Erheliao SJ-22, Jingming BL-1.
The Small Intestine primary channel connects with the following zangfu:
Heart, Stomach and Small Intestine.
What are two of the SI primary channel branches?
A branch
• ascends from the supraclavicular fossa to cross the neck and cheek to the outer canthus of the eye, where it meets the Gall Bladder channel at Tongziliao GB-l, then travels posteriorly towards the ear, where it intersects the Gall Bladder channel at Touqiaoyin GB-11 and the Sanjiao channel at Jiaosun SJ-20 and Erheliao SJ-22 and enters the ear at Tinggong SI-19.

Another branch
• separates from the previous branch on the cheek and ascends to the infra-orbital region (Quanliao SI-18) then along the lateral aspect of the nose to the inner canthus where it meets with the Bladder channel at Jingming BL-l.
• According to the Spiritual Pivot1 another branch descends to Xiajuxu ST-39, the lower he-sea point of the Small Intestine.
What are some pathological symptoms of the SI sinew channel?
Strained little finger, pain along the medial aspect of the elbow and upper arm, pain below the axilla and on the posterior aspect of the axilla, pain of the scapula that reaches the neck, tinnitus, pain of the ear that may reach the submandibular region, a need to close the eyes for a long period of time before being able to see clearly, tension of the neck sinews that leads to sinew atrophy and swelling of the neck.
What are primary indications related to the SI function of receiving, transforming, and separating fluids?
Even though the principal function of the Small Intestine fu is to receive, transform and sepa- rate fluids, the only indications relating to this function are dark and hesitant urination (Qiangu SI-2 and Houxi SI-3).
What SI points are indicated for digestive system disorders?
Despite the fact that the channel connects with the diaphragm and Stomach, passes through Zhongwan REN-12 and Shangwan REN-13, and descends to the Small Intestine, no points of the Small Intestine channel are indicated for disorders of the digestive system.
What is the mu point of the SI channel?
Mu- Ren 4 / Guan Yuan
(Level with ASIS)
What is the back shu point of the small intestine?
Back-shu: UB 27 / Xiao Chang Shu
S-1 / 1st sacral foramen
1.5 cun lateral
What is the xi-cleft of the SI?
SI 6 Yang Lao / Support Aged
For acute conditions and shoulder pain as if broken or dislocated.
What is the yuan/source point of the SI channel? What does it treat?
SI 4 - treats tinnitus
What is the luo connecting point of the SI channel?
SI7 to LI15: Mania-depression, fear and fright, sadness & anxiety “knotting of all 7 emotions”
Luo SX: Excess- slack joints, Xu- warts
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