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is a lightweight,
air-cooled, gas-operated, magazine-fed shoulder
M14 designed for semiautomatic or automatic fire at the rate of what rounds per minute.
M14 designed to accommodate a
20-round magazine
M14 maximum range of
4,075 yards
M14 Empty, the rifle weighs about?
Fully loaded and ready to fire, the rifle weighs about?
9 pounds
11 pounds
is a semiautomatic,
recoil-operated, magazine-fed hand weapon.
.45-caliber pistol
45 has a maximum range of? and a maximum effective range of?
1,500 yards
50 yards
The 45 magazine holds?
7 cartridges
single- or double-action semiautomatic hand weapon
9mm pistol has a large magazine capacity—it can hold in the magazine?
15 rounds
This safety prevents any
motion of the firing pin and is only overcome by pulling
on the trigger.
This safety prevents
accidental discharge.
When you have properly aligned your sights,
what is the relationship between the front sight
and the rear sight?
top of the front sight is level with the horizontal center line of the rear sight, and the body of the front sight is centered between the rear sight aperture.
The distance between your eye and the rear sight
is referred to as the _____________.
eye relief.
Why is it sometimes necessary to blacken sights
during sighting and aiming exercises?
to reduce reflection and glare.
The conditions that must exist to consider the
M16 rifle clear include—
a. No case or rounds is/are in the chamber
b. The magazine is out
c. The bolt carrier is to the rear
d. The selector lever is on the SAFE position
When the selector is set for burst, the M16A2?
fires three rounds
The M16 rifle carries what # of ammunition
20 or 30 rounds
When loading the M16 rifle, you shouldn’t ride
the charging handle forward because?
the bolt may fail to lock
The cleaning materials for the M16 are stored in?
the rifle stock
The three safety features of the 9mm service
pistol are—
a. Ambidextrous safety
b. Firing pin block
c. Half cock notch