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M14 Rifle Specs
7.62mm; 20 Rounds
Gas Operated, Magazine Fed
M76 Grenade & Bayonet
M16A1 Rifle Specs
5.56mm; 20 or 30 Rounds
Auto/Semi-Auto/ 3 Round Burst
Gas Operated, Magazine Fed
38-Cal Revolver Specs
6 Rounds
Cylinder-loading; single or double action
48-Cal Semi-automatic Specs
7 Rounds
Semi-Auto, Recoil-Operated, Mag Fed
9MM Semi-automatic Specs
15 Rounds
Single or Double Action; Semi-Auto
M870 Shotgun Specs
4 Rounds
Manually-Operated, Pump Action
Name the Three (3) Firing Positions
Standing, Kneeling, & Sitting
Kneeling Position is best for _____________ or _____?
Level Ground or Uphill
Sitting Position is best for _______________?
Standing Position is best for _______________?
Surprise Targets; Close Range
Aim at the ____ O'Clock position for "A-Type" Targets
6 O'Clock
Regarding Firing positions; Spot-Weld or Anchor refers to what?
Distance from eye to rear-sight
For the M16A1; Selector on SAFE prevents damage to the __________?
Automatic Sear
What are the three (3) Safety Features for the 9MM
Slide Safety
Firing Pin Block
Half-Cock Notch