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What is managerial accounting, what does it do for decision making?

what are some question to consider
Managerial accounting is for the purpose of making decisions. Some pricing decisions, should you produce in house or outsource products, expand profitability or discontinue unprofitable lines,

managerial accounting also relates to performance measurements and control

No standard accounts for managerial accounts
Who uses economic data and financial data ?

who uses non- financial data?
economic data and financial data used by investors/ creditors and senior executives

Non- financial data re used by middle managers and operating workers
What are some measures of profitability?
ROA- Return on Assets
Roe- return on equity
Ros- return on sales

or simply look at net income
What is the present value of the expected cash flows?
this is the amount in terms of todays value, or the cash, in and out, released to an investment alternative.