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ways to use nonverbal communication
accent or emphasize
complement or add nuances of meaning
contradict (wink, cross your fingers)
substitute (nod instead of saying okay)
4 meaning principles
meanings are in people
meanings are more than words and gestures
meanings are unique
meanings are context-based
communication about communication, "do you understand"
message principles
messages are packing (verbal and non reinforce each other)
messages are rule-governed
messages vary in abstraction
messages vary in politeness
messages vary in inclusion
messages vary in directness
a desirable trait across most cultures
advantages of indirect messages
express a desire without insulting or offending anyone; follow rules of polite interaction
-instead of saying, i'm bored say, it's getting late
people fail to assert their rights; do what others tell them to do without questioning and without concern
behavior that enables you to act in your own best interests without denying or infringing upon the rights of others
principles for increasing assertive communication
analyze assertive communication
rehearse assertive communication
communicate assertively