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Pagoda, five tiers plus base.
0-1 Great Pagoda of the Fogong (Buddha's Palace) Temple.

Yingxian, Shanxi, datable to 1056. height 221'
Terracotta army
0-3 Warriors

Qin, c. 210 BCE. Earthenware. Trench I, Lichan, Lintong, Shaanxi
Hanging scroll, archaic script (with running script annotation bottom left corner)
0-4 Wu Changshi (1884-1927) Stone Drum Script

1915. One of a set of four hanging scrolls, ink on paper, 59 x 15 3/4".
Earthenware vessel, medium base, semi-long neck, black painted even lines around, with central abstract decoration. Small lip, no paint inside.
1-1 Bottle with painted decoration
Yangshao Culture, Majiayao Phase, 4th millenium BCE. Earthenware, height 11". Minhe, Qinghai.
Bird, hole bored through left wing base
1-5 Bird

Hongshan Culture, 4th millenium BCE. Turquoise, hight 1". Dongshanzui, Kezuo, Liaoning.
Green color stone, cloud shape, hook carved in center
1-6 Hooked-cloud ornament

Front view. Hongshan Culture, 4th millenium BCE. Hardstone, length 8 3/4". Niuheliang, Jianping, Liaoning.
Pig dragon ornament, round hole through center, small round indentation/hole in back
1-7 Pig-dragon

Hongshan Culture, 4th millenium BCE, Hardstone, height 6 1/2". Niuheliang, Jianping, Liaoning.
Axe blade, small hole. (detail shows mask/taotie motif)
1-8 Axe blade with handle fittings.

Liangzhu Culture, 3rd millennium BCE. Hardstone. Fanshan, Yuhang, Zhejiang.
Squared stone tube.
1-9 Squared tube, /cong/
Liangzhu Culture, 3rd millennium BCE, Hardstone, height 11 1/2"
bowl, red clay w/ black designs, representative motifs (face, fish) on inside, rim mostly black with red stripe designs.
1-11 Bowl with painted decoration

Yangshao Culture, Banpo phase, 5th millenium BCE. Earthenware, diameter 15 1/2 ". Banpo, Xi'an, Shaanxi.
round basin, small base, sharp angle to widest part, where decoration begins and vessel curves in to rim.
1-12 Basin with painted decoration

Yangshao Culture, Miaodigou phase, 4th millenium BCE. Earthenware, height 14 1/4". Miaodigou, Sanmenxia, Henan.
round basin, curved, wide rim, painting on outside, but more ornate inside (straight lines, parallel waves, dots), rim has crosshatch and concentric designs
1-13 Basin with painted decoration

Yangshao Culture, Majiayao phase, 4th millenium BCE. Earthenware, diameter 11 3/4". Minhe, Qinghai.
small base, sharply angled out and back in to rim, top half decorated, somewhate flowery designs, red brown white designs on red clay
1-14 Basin with painted decoration

Dawenkou culture, 4th millenium BCE, earthenware, height 4 1/2". Dadunzi, Pi County, Jiangsu
goblet/bowl on pedastal

brown clay, white painted decorations on base, outside and rim.
1-15 Pedestal bowl with painted decoration

Dawenkou Culture, 4th millennium BCE. Earthenware, height 11 1/2". Dawenkou, Tai'an, Shandong.
small base, tall angle, curve in slightly to rim. only curve to rim painted with white and black designs
1-16 Basin with painted decoration

Yangshao Culture, 4th millenium BCE. Earthenware, height 8 1/4". Dahecun, Zhengzhou, Henan.
/gui/, three legs with 'twisted' handle, raised dots emulate pounded bronze design, pitcher rim.
1-17 Pitcher

Longshan Culture, 3rd millenium BCE. White pottery, height 11 1/2". Yaoguanzhuang, Weifang, Shandong.
black pottery, long stem wine vessel, segmented (base, center, cup). Center has small indentations as a design. thin rim and overall construction.
1-18 Stem cup

Longshan Culture, 3rd Millenium bce. "Eggshell" ware, height 10 1/2". Donghaiyu, Rizhao, Shandong.