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What is club funding?
What is ASUSF Club Funding?
ASUSF Club Funding is money provided by ASUSF to registered clubs and organizations in good standing with the Student Leadership and Engagement Office. PAT oversees club funding.
When does PAT review club funding proposals?
Once a week.
How do students get club funding?
fill out a club funding application online
How much money can clubs receive through club funding?
Maximum 500 dollars.
What is superfund and what does it do?
What is the ASUSF Superfund?
ASUSF Superfund is a committee of ASUSF Senate that provides funding for events, activities and programs sponsored by members of ASUSF and recognized ASUSF clubs. Any undergraduate student who pays the ASUSF activity fee or any ASUSF recognized club may submit a proposal for funding, which is then reviewed by the Superfund Committee. The committee meets weekly to review proposals during the Fall and Spring semesters.
What categories must club funding monetary requests fall under?
- Office Supplies
- Membership Recruitment
- Staff Development
- Organization/Conference Dues