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Jessie was born around the 1840's and lived in New Orlean's before he was kidnapped.
Found some bread, move up one space.
Jessie's father drowned in the Mississippi River when Jessie was five years old.
You are Jesse dead father. You get to sleep in a bed, move ahead one space.
Jessie was on his way home from Aunt Agatha's house when was kidnapped.
You have hada bad day. You get a day off, move ahead two spaces.
Jessie hadn't realized that he was on a slave sailing to Africa until Captain Cawthorne had told him.
You are Captain Cathorn. You lose a turn.
Jessie met all the sailors who worked on the ship.Some are cruel, some not.
You are one the cruel rew memebers. You lose a turn. space.
Jessie was captured becuase of his talent with a fife.
You are the fife. Advance to RED space.
Jessie makes friends with Clay Purvis and they care for each other throughout the story.
Play fife and captain likes it get day off, move two spaces up.
Benjamin Stout is a crewmember, he is one of the men who first befriends Jessie. Jessie soon realizes
he is one of the cruelest, most heartless men
on the ship.
You are Stout.You climb mass and fall asleep on the job, go back three spaces.
Clay Purvis gets blamed for something he didn't do and gets whipped severly.
You told the lie, get thrown into the cellar, lose one turn.
Nicholas Spark steals Jessie's fife and throws it down to the cellar where all the slaves are kept.
Clean the dock, go back two spaces.
Capt. Cawthorn kills Spark because he pointed his gun at the Captiain. Th captain threw him overboard.
You are Capt. Cawthorn and get bitten by a rat, go back one space.
Many of the slaves were thrown overboard if they were almost dead or had a disease.
You threw a slave overboard.Sleep on floor, lose turn.
Jessie Bollier is the main character, kidnapped
from his home town of New Orleans to be a
“slave dancer” and play his fife for the slaves to
dance so they would stay healthy on the
Allowed to bathe, go ahead one space.
Ras is the only slave who survives with Jessie
after the shipwreck, he’s about Jessie’s age.
You got blamed for steeling and got whipped in return, go back one space.
Clay Purvisis is one of the crew of The Moonlight
who captures Jessie, but soon becomes close friends
with him.
You are Purvisis and were kind to Jesse. Advance to RED space.