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What are the morpho findings of acute stage eczematous dermatitis?
spongiosis with vesicle formation
What are the morph findings of chronic eczematous dermatitis?
focal lymphocytic dermal infiltrates
what are the morph findings of subacute eczematous dermatitis?
less spongiosis than acute
less hyperkeratosis and acanthosis than chronic
Define acanthosis
thickening of epidermis
What form of eczematous dermatitis does neurodermatitis resemble?
chronic, virtually the same, except the cause is entirely from scratching
Morphology of psoriasis?
epidermal prolif with acanthosis and parakeratosis
minute neutrophilic bscesses (Munro abscesses) found w/i parakeratotis stratum corneum
Define acantholysis
separation of epidermal cells from each othe
cells appear to float w/i extracellular fluid
morphology of pemphigus vulgaris
intraepidermal acantholysis and sparing of basal layer
there is separation of basal layer (which is still intact) --> tombstone appearance
(usually fatal... tombstones... get it?)
What are the ABs against in pemphigus vulgaris?
What type of AB?
IgG directed against epidermal intercellular cement substances
plasminogen activator --> breakdown of the desmesome
What are the AB against in bullous pemphigoid?
IgG autoAB against epidermal BM
form a linear band of immunofluorescence along BM
Morphology of dermatitis herpetiformis
dermal microabscesses with neutrophils and eos at the tips of dermal papillae
they become subepidermal blisters
IgA is found at the tips of dermal papillae
Morphology of erythema multiforme
macules, papules, and vesicles
"target lesion" is characteristic
What is erythema multiforme associated with?
hypersensitivity to infectious agents, drugs, CT d/o or malignancy
another name for freckle
what causes them?
increase of melanin pigment w/i basal keratinocytes
pathophys of vitiligo
anti-melanocyte AB
destruction of melanocytes by toxic intermediates of melanin production or by neurochem factors
pathophys of lintingo
pigmented macules caused by melanocytic hyperplasia in epi
nevocellular nevus: benign/malig?
what cells make it up?
benign tumor or hamartoma
melanocytes occurring in clusters or nests
most common types of nevocellular nevus?
junctional nevus
compound nevus
intradermal nevus
types of pigmented nevi
nevocellular nevus (common mole)
blue nevus
spitz nevus
dysplastic nevus
lentigo maligna
Histo of compound nevus?
Intradermal nevus?
nevus cells in epi-derm jxn and in dermis
nevus cells confined to clusters w/i dermis (of nonpigmented)
histopath of a blue nevus?
nodular foci of dendritic, highly pigmented melanocytes in dermis
appears blue b/c of dermal location
histopath of spitz nevus?
spindle shaped cells, can be confused w malig melanoma
another name for spitz nevus
juvenile melanoma (misnomer b/c it is a benign condition)
morph of dysplastic nevus
atypical, irregularly pigmented lesion with disorderly prolif of melanocytes, dermal fibrosis, adn often subjacent dermal lymphocytic infiltration
can transform into malignant melanoma w/i weeks!
another namefor lentigo maligna
Hutchinson freckle
morph of lentigo maligna
macular pigmented lesion on sun exposed skin
atyp melanocytes at epi-derm jxn
what is lentigo maligna a precursor to?
lentigo maligna melinoma
What is molluscum contagiosum
viral d/o in children and adolescents
how is molluscum contagiosum transmitted?
direct contact of a DNA poxvirus
umbilicated dome shaped papules
morph of verruca vulgaris
vacuolated cells (koilocytes) in granular cell layer of epidermis
2 other names for acrochordon
fibroepithelial polyp
skin tag
where are acrocordons found
on face, near eyelids
morph of acrochordon
central CT core covered by stratified squamous epi
morph of epidermal inclusion cyst
stratified squamous epi, filled with keratinous material
dome-shaped nodlue filled w soft gray-white material
presentation of dermatofibroma
firm nodule, sometimes w pigmented acanothosis
intertwining bundles of collagen and fibroblasts
dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans:
malig, but rarely metast
resemble dermatofibroma
Seborrheic keratosis: benign/malig
gross morphology
sharply demarcated raised papules or plaques with pasted on appearance
found on head, trunk, extremeties
keratoacanthoma: benign/malig?
resembles squamous cell carcinoma
pathophys of actinic keratosis
caused by chronic excessive exposure to sunlight
morph of actinic keratosis
rough, scaling poorly demarcated plaques on face, neck, upper trunk, extremities
what is acanthosis nigricans associated with?
visceral malignancy (stomach, lung, breast, uterus)
morph of acanthosis nigricans
acanthosis and hyperpigmentation in flexural aras
epi and dermal papillae undulate sharply and form peaks and valleys
most common location for xanthomas
or as nodules over tendons or joints
morph of granuloma pyogenicum
vascular pedunculated lesion with many caps and edematous stroma
skin or mucous membrane
develops following trauma
morph of keloid
abnormal prolif of CT with deranged arrangement of collagen fibers
--> large raised tumor-like scars