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What are you assessing?
What are you checking skin for?
What type of irritation are you looking for?
Pressure Ulcer - Risk Score
After assessing for pressure ulcers, what is next?
Check temperature.
After temperature, what's next?
Skin Integrity
What is integrity?
Any break in the skin or open wounds or pressure ulcers on any pressure points
After integrity what's next?
Check color of skin
What is the first intervention?
Moisture Reduction - Change wet diaper or linen, apply topical agent or cream to prevent moisture.
After moisture reduction, what's next?
Offer food/fluids
After offering food/fluids, what's next?
Check bony prominences; reduce pressure off by repositioning or encouraging to change position.
How do you prevent shearing of the skin?
Use a draw sheet or lifting device to move pt.
What is the last thing you do in skin assessment?
Note pt's response to the interventions.