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what organism causes scalded skin syndrome?
how do you distinguish pemphigus vulgaris from bullous pepmphigoid?
pemphigus vulgaris is associated with oral ulcers
atuoantibody directed against transmembrane cadherin adhesion molecules induces acantholysis (breakdown of epithelial cell-cell connections) with resulting intraepidermal blister formation
pemphigus vulgaris
molluscum contagiosum is related to infection with what virus?
honey-brown crusted lesions in various stages? what organism?
impetigo - strep pyogenes or staph aureus; distinguish by catalase test
autoimmune attack on hair follicles
alopecia areata
androgenic alopecia
common male pattern baldness
fine, nonblotchy truncal rash in a not-very-ill kid with no Koplik spots
target lesions
erythema multiforme
granular complement and IgG at the dermal-epidermal junction
rash biopsy in SLE
biopsy of xanthomas shows what?
multinucleated giant cells