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What is the term for a group of organs that work together?
What are the functions of the skeletal system?
1. Support the body
2. Give the body shape
3. Protect organs inside the body
4. Help the body to move
What are the five types of joints found in the human body?
1. sliding
2. ball-and-socket
3. pivot
4. hinge
5. fixed
How many bones and muscles are in the human body?
Bones - 206
Muscles - 656
The backbone is curved and shaped somewhat like what letter?
The letter S
Where would you find your humerus bone?
The humerus bone is found in your upper arm.
Fixed joints are found where in your body?
In your skull
Give two examples of foods high in calcium, protein, and energy.
Calcium - milk, cheese
Protein - eggs, meat
Energy - breads, cereals
Where are new red blood cells made?
It is found in the marrow of some bones.
Is the patella bone found in your arm or in your leg?
The patella is found in your leg. (knee)
How are waste materials carried away from your muscles?
They are carried away by your blood while you rest .
What is a fracture?
It is a creack or break in a bone.
What is another name for the bones of the backbone?
V ertebrae
What group of bones is attached to the top of the backbone?
The skull
If a person has scoliosis then their backbone is curved in what direction?
It is curved from side to side.
The inner part of a bone is made of ___________.
The organs of the skeletal system are the _______.
What is a joint?
A place where two or more bones come together
What are two examples of the sliding joint?
The wrist and the ankle
Scoliosis is a problem of which system?
What builds up in your muscles when energy in released?
Waste materials
Without muscles what would not move?
What connects muscles to bones?
What type of joint is found in your elbow?
Hinge joint
The hinge joint allows movement in what direction?
Back and forth
What joint allows the most movement and give an example of this type of joint.
The ball-and-socket joint allows the most movement.

hip and shoulder
The pivot joint allows movement in what direction?
Side to side
Muscles feel tired when too much _______ builds up.
What is the name of the strong band of tissue that keeps bones from moving too far apart?
What part of the skeleton keeps body organs from moving down when you stand up?
What organs make up the muscular system?
What kind of joint allows no movement at all?
A fixed joint
What happens when a muscle contracts?
It gets shorter and thicker.
Name at least two actions carried out by involuntary muscles in your body.
digesting, blinking, sneezing, pupils in your eyes adjusting to light, crying
When you move your arm up does the bicep relax or contract?
When a ligament is torn, the injury is called a ________.
A sprain
What is the difference between a sprain and a strain?
A sprain is when a ligament is stretched to far or torn and a strain in when a muscle or tendon is stretched to far or torn.
Is the scapula your shoulder blade or your collar bone?
The sclapula is your shoulder blade.
Muscles move bones by pushing or pulling?
In what way does the rib cage help the heart?
The rib cage surrounds and protects the heart.
Which have bones made up mostly of's or a baby's?
A baby's bones
Describe the function of skeletal muscles.
They control the movement of bones in the body.
What are the three different kinds of muscle tissue?
1. Skeletal muscle
2. Smooth muscle
3. Heart muscle
What would happen to your muscles if you did not eat enought breads and cereals?
They would not have enough energy.
What two places on your body will you find phalanges?
You will find phalanges in your fingers and in your toes.
Describe the function of smooth muscles.
Smooth muscle in involuntary and controls the movements of many organs in the body.
Why do doctors often put casts over a broken bone?
Doctors apply a cast to hold the broken ends of the bone in place so they will grow back together.
Name two actions you do with voluntary skeletal muscles.
Walking, picking up an object, movements of the arms and legs, etc.
Do most skeletal muscles work alone or in pairs?
In pairs
Describe the function of heart muscle.
Heart muscle in found only in the heart and is involuntary. It helps to control your heartbeat.
Describe how muscles look when they contract and when they relax.
When a muscle contracts it is gets shorter and thicker. When a muscle relaxes it gets longer and thinner.
What nutrient helps make bones hard and strong and is used by muscles when they contract?
What could cause a muscle to cramp?
Too much exercise or "growing pains."
When a bone moves, one muscle of the pair contracts and the other muscle ________.
What are the five parts of a bone?
1. Marrow
2. Blood Vessels
3. Hard or Compact Bone
4. Thin Outer Covering
5. Spongy Bone
Proteins help build what type of tissue?
Where is marrow found in a bone?
It is found in the center of bones.
What are the three things you can do to keep your bones and muscles healthy?
1. Eat healthy foods
2. Exercise
3. Get plenty of rest and sleep
When you move your arm down is it the bicep or tricep that contracts?
The tricep is the muscle that contracts.
What is the function of cartilage?
It protects the ends of bones and allows bones to move easily over one another.