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Is a connective tissue that is more flexible than bone
A in the body where two bones come together
Soft connective tissue found in the spongy bone
Phosphorus and Calcium
Bones are hard because they are made up of these two minerals.
Holds bones in movable joints together
A condition in which the bodies bones become weak and break easily
Five functions of the Skeleton
Provides shape and support, Enables you to move, protects internal organs, produces blood cells, stores certain minerals
Top layer of bone-Membrane
A thin tough menbrane covers the bone. Blood vessels and nerves enter and leave through the membrane
Second Layer of bone- Compact
Compact Bone is hard and dense but not solid. Small canals are through out this layer
Third layer of bone- Spongy
Found at the ends of bone.
Red marrow
Produces blood cells
Yellow marrow
Stores fat that serves as an energy reserve
Levels of organization
Cells < Tissue < Organ < Organ System
The ability for the body to maintain and internal environment
Immovable Joints
Connect bones that allow little or no movement