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What type of joint is the shoulder? What are the restrictions and possible actions?
-gleno-humeral joint

restrictions: ligamentous

flexion, extension, hyperflexion/extension, abduction, adduction, hyper abduction/adduction, inward and outward rotation
What is the shoulder Girdle? What are the possible movements (7)?
scapula, clavicle, sternum

actions (7):
elevation, depression, abduction, adduction, upward rotation, downward rotation, forward tilt, return
What are the combined actions of the shoulder and scapula?
- shoulder flexion causes scapular elevation
-shoulder extension causes scapular depression
-shoulder abduction causes scapular upward rotation
-shoulder adduction causes scapular downward rotation
What are the restrictions and actions of the elbow?
restrictions- bony

actions- only flexion and extension
What is cubis revurvatum?
hyperextended elbow

-short olecrenon process
-shallow olecranon fossa
-or both
What is cubis antecurvatum?
hypoextended elbow

-long olevranon proces
-shallow olecranon fossa
-or both
What is cubitus Valgus?
valgus of the elbow

-distal segment futher from midline
-radius shorter than ulna