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Who positions material at various stock points, retains inventory control of material, and provides technical assistance to the fleet?
Incentory Control Point (ICP)
Who provides a variety of logistics support services to the fleet, shore activities, and overseas bases?
Fleetand Industrial Supply Centers (FISC)
Who procures, receives, stores and issues material. Reports issues of material to cognizant ICP and invoices the customer?
Stock Points
All key padlocks shall be what type?
1 1/2 inch, pin tumbler type with dead bolt brass or bronze.
If a face to face turn over is not possible between the Supply Officer, how many days does he have to prepare a report?
20 Days
Spare padlocks come in sets of what amount?
What group is fountain, vending and related storerooms and shipstore?
Group 111
A grandmaster key to groups 1, 11, and IV shall be kept in the custody of whom?
The Supply Officer
Who has possesion of the padlock key or combination to the Alcohol locker?
The Supply Officer or who ever the CO designates in writing.

The letter is kept on file in the Supply Office.
Keylocks shall have how many keys per group and how many keys per set?
2 Master keys per group
2 Grandmaster keys per set
Keyless padlocks shall be what kind?
3 combination manipulation resistance type 8077A
How often shall keyless padlocks be changed?
At least every 6 months
What group spaces shall be the only one with a keyless padlock?
Group 111
Who keeps the grandmaster keys for group I, II, and group IV spaces?
Supply Officer
What is considered the SH bible?
What is considered the CS bible?
Who is assigned primary responsibility for the management of assigned groups or class of items of supply?
Imventory Managers
What form do you use to ship personal effects?
DD Form 1149
Name the classifications of the personal effects on NAVSUP form 29?
1) Navy Owned
2) Navy Issued
3) Money
4) Negotiable and non-
negotiable bonds
5) Miscellaneous
Name the catagories of the personal effects form, NAVSUP form 29?
1) Lost, abandon, unclaimed
2) Deceased or missing
3) Mentally or Physically
4) Ships lucky bag
5) Unavoidabley Separated