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In the past thirty years the average family size in Mexico has dropped from 7 to what?
One in six young adults in Kenya is what?
HIV positive
What percentage of Kenyans finish High School?
What percentage of unemployment is in many villages in Kenyan?
What is the population in India?
1 billion
What percentage of women in India can't read or write?
China had 1.3 billion people this is what amount of the worlds population?
When did the Chinese government start a policy of limiting family size?
Between 1959-1961, famine gripped China and nearly how many people starved to death?
30 million
What percent of the Chinese live off the land?
Does China really have a single child policy?
What happens to a couple if they have a "Birth without permission"
They pay a fine
The fines amount to how much of the annual income
twice the annual income
How many children were born in Italy in 1958? in 1998?
one million -1958
50,000 - 1998
Today in Italy there are more people over the age of ____ than under the age of 20
What is the cause of the extreme low birth rate in Italy?
it is a result of the changing status of women
What is the average age a women in Italy has her first child?
The US is the _____most populous country in the world after China and India.
What is the biggest issue in the US concerning population?
The impact that each person has on the environment
The average American consumes ____ times more resources than a person in the developed world.
50 times
In the entire world of 6 billion lived like Americans we would need how many more planets of this size?
What will happen when the birds and wildlife are gone?
We will disappear
How many residents does Mexico City gain each year even as they slow their population growth?
About one million
Today how many young people are coming of a reproductive age?
one billion
China will grow to how many billion before stabilizing in 40 years?
1.6 billion
where is 98% of the population growth occurring?
in developing nations
The official position of the Church prohibits all artificial methods of what?
birth control
When was the 6 billionth person born?
Sometime around October 12, 1999
How long did it take for our human population to reach its first one billion?
several million years
Our most recent billion arrived in how long?
12 years
The population of the world will decrease if every family has how many children?
What is something that women in developing countries desperately want.
Family planning
In this century the human population has gone from 2 billion to what?
6 billion
In the past thirty years, the average number of children has dropped from six to what?
Half of the world is under the age of?
To the environment more people means greater demands for what?
fresh water
How many people could we reach by the year 2050?
9 billion
By 2015 there will how many megacities?
With 18 million, what is the largest megacity in the world?
Mexico City