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(n) wise advisor

Without a mentor, many people fail in their first job.

(adj) typical of the ordinary (also: wordly as opposed to spiritual)

She is more concerned with the mundane things of life and rarely thinks too deeply.

(adj) strikingly unusual

His bizarre sense of fashion always caught someone's attention.

(n) fake

Some teachers pretend to be very knowledgeable about their subjects, but too often they are just charlatans who waste good students' time.

(adj) perceptive; showing insight and judgment

She showed a very discerning appreciation of the writer's style.

(adj) harmful

The deleterious effects of the tsunami will plague the island for years to come.

(adj) ill-humored, sullen

Her personality is too morose for her to be a successful kindergarten teacher.

(n) something different from the normal or from the usual

The normally ultra-smooth surfaces of the plane now had so many aberrations that the plane could not reach top speed anymore.

(n) trickery or fraud

Stop the chicanery and give me a straight forward answer to my questions.
(adj) absolutely pure

If you are going to buy your medicines from Mexico, you better be sure they are unadulterated and are what they are supposed to be --- nothing more.

(adj) occurring irregularly

If it didn't snow so sporadically from year to year around here we would know how much salt to buy annually for the city streets.

(n) mental process by which knowledge is acquired

He had so many cognition deficits that we feared he would never be able to live alone.

(adj) boring, tiring

The work is so tedious that it drives me insane whenever I have to do it.

(adj) instructional, teaching

It's the didactic part of college that I enjoy; not the drinking and partying.

(adj) enormous (also, extraordinary)

With one last prodigious effort, he finally made it over the top of the wall.

(n) most direct meaning of a word; something that gives direction or meaning

Without a more direct denotaion of your expectations, I'm afraid that I'm going to get more and more lost trying to make sense of this project.
(n) vocabulary

He came to high school with a lexicon so deep that he never had any problem writing quick, but clear and in-depth, answers to essay questions

(n) great personal dishonor or humiliation

The ignominy of having been caught cheating on the SATs left him labeled as a sleaze through the rest of his high school years.
(adj) known only by a few; obscure

He knew so may arcane facts that many felt him to be a cinch to win the county Knowledge Bowl competition.

(adj) huge

King Kong was some gargantuan movie gorilla.
(adj) odd; deviating from the normal

Scientists, to the uneducated public, sometimes have a reputation of being eccentric weirdoes who are dangerous to society.
(adj) ordinary; commonplace

(n) someone who is walking

He has nothing but grossly pedestrian interests --- nothing more than sleeping, eating, watching TV, and partying.
(adj) intimidating; discouraging, frightening

After its setback at Pearl Harbor in Dccember 1941, the U.S. Navy had a rather daunting task ahead --- the need to utterly defeat the powerful Japanese Navy.

(adj) very clear; definite

Without explicit directions as to methodology, it is often impossible to accurately recreate scientific experiments and confirm results.

(n) prose narrative

It was in the Norse and British sagas from about 1500 years ago that the name of the hero Wade was first mentioned --- he was a giant who lived by the sea.