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What is a metaphor?
A figure of speech in which you compare something to another, and you say it is that thing. e.g. Love is blind
What is personification?
Imagery used in which you give an inanimate object ( something not alive) a human quality or emotion. E.G.
'The sun smiled down on me.'
What is alliteration?
This is when the same letter is repeated in a poem, story,or phrase to create a sound effect.

E.G. Silently, the snake slithered through the scorched grass.
What is repetition?
This is used in writing to emphasise a point.

Round the ragged rocks the ragged rascals ran.
What is onomatopoeia?
This is a word used in poetry or prose to create a sound which also describes the word.

E.G. Hiss, Whisper, Snap
What is assonance?
This is when a sentence or line in poetry contains a repetition of the vowel sounds within the line.

E.G. Rolling slowly over