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_____ observed and recorded physiological responses from hundreds of people engaged in sexual activity.
Masters and Johnson
Masters and Johnson divided the physiological responses during sex into four phases: _____, _____, _____ and _____. This pattern of responses is often referred to as the _____.
excitement, plateau, orgasm, resolution, sexual response cycle.
Other researchers have organized the sexual response cycles into fewer or more phases than Masters and Johnsons', and this chapter follows the model of sex therapist _____ and includes _____ as the first phase.
Helen Kaplan, desire
The first physiological response in the excitement phase for both men and women is a _____ response, which results in _____ in men and _____ in women.
Vasocongestive, penile erection, vaginal lubrication
In women, physiological arousal does not correlate well with _____, which depends more on relationship and intimacy needs.
subjective arousal
During the _____ phase in women, the tissues of the outer third of the vagina become swollen with blood, causing the vaginal opening to narrow. The response is referred to as the _____.
plateau, orgasmic platform
During the plateau phase in women, the clitoris _____.
pulls back against the pubic bone and disappears beneath the clitoral hood
Early in the plateau phase, the _____% of all women and about 25% of all men experience a rash on the skin called _____.
50-75, sex tension flush
At the time of orgasm, both men and women have _____ in specific tissues that initially occur every 0.8 seconds.
rhythmic muscular contractions
Recent studies indicate that the real essence of orgasm is not in the genitals, but in the _____.
Men's and women's descriptions of orgasm are _____.
Men's orgasms occur in two stages, _____ and _____.
The expulsion of semen from the penis is called _____.
After men have an orgasm, their physiological responses generally dip below plateau, during which time they cannot have another orgasm. This period is called the _____.
refractory period
Unlike most men, some women can have _____, defined as two or more orgasms in quick succession without dropping below the plateau level.
multiple orgasms
The return to the unaroused state is called the _____.
By most estimates, only _____% of adult women experience orgasm regularly during intercourse.
Masters and Johnson claimed that all women in good health are capable of reaching orgasm during intercourse, but Helen Kaplan and others believed that many women are incapable of reaching orgasm during intercourse without simultaneous _____ stimulation.
Freud believed that there were two types of female orgasms, one caused by _____ stimulation and another by _____ sensations.
clitoral, vaginal
Masters and Johnson originally claimed that all female orgasms were identical and were focused in the _____.
Some women report having experienced different types of orgasms, and work conducted in the 1980s revealed that many of these women had a sensitive area on the _____ wall of the vagina called _____.
front, G-spot
Stimulation of the G-spot sometimes resulted in _____ during orgasm.
emission of fluid
In some women the fluid was identified as urine, but in others it contained an enzyme found in secretions from men's _____.
prostate gland
Most women say that the size of a partner's penis is _____ for their pleasure during intercourse.
not important
Many people have tried to enhance their sexual desire or performance by taking substances called _____, but there is little evidence that they have any real effect.
True/False: The first physiological signs of arousal in men occur within seconds, but take several minutes to begin in women.
True/False: Many women do not separate desire from excitement.
True/False: Vaginal lubrication is actually super-filtered blood plasma.
True/False: The presence of vaginal lubrication means that a woman is ready to begin sexual intercourse.
True/False: both men and women can experience nipple erection during the excitement phase.
True/False: When the clitoris pulls back and disappears beneath the clitoral hood, it means that a women is less sexually aroused than before.
True/False: The secretion of fluids from the vaginal walls may slow down if the plateau phase is prolonged.
True/False: Generally speaking, descriptions of orgasm written by women can be easily distinguished from those written by men.
True/False: Orgasm and ejaculation occur at the same time in men and are actually the same event.
True/False: The rhythmic muscular contractions during orgasm recorded my Masters and Johnson are not strongly related to a persons subjective sensations of pleasure.
True/False: A full orgasm for men, with ejaculation, is almost always followed by a refractory period.
True/False: Some people who have suffered severe spinal cord injuries can experience orgasm.
True/False: The walls of the inner 2/3rds of the vagina are very sensitive to touch, thus making penis length an important factor during intercourse.
True/False: There is more variation in penis length in the unaroused condition than in the erect state.
True/False: Alcohol excites the central nervous system and enhances sexual performance.
True/False: Regular long term use of marijuana can lower testosterone levels and decrease sperm production.
True/False: A man's penis size is related to his height, weight, and race.
True/False: Regular use of cocaine often leads to erectile problems and difficulty reaching orgasm.
True/False: There is a strong relationship between vaginal vasocongestion and a women's subjective sense of sexual arousal.
specific sensations cause the individual to seek out or become receptive to sexual experiences.
Penis starts to become erect, vaginal lubrication begins, nipples become erect, clitoris most prominent, scrotum thicken and helps pull the testicles toward the body, walls of the inner two-thirds of the vagina begin to balloon out, labia majora flatten and spread apart.
excitement phase
Cowper's glands secrete a few drops of clear fluid, labia minora become engorged with blood, clitoris pulls back against the pubic bone, sex tension flush appears, outer third of the vagina becomes engorged with blood, nipples appear to be less erect, testicles increase in size from 50-100%
plateau phase
rhythmic muscular contractions occur in outer vagina, uterus, and anal sphincter muscles, rhythmic muscular contractions in vas deferens, prostate gland, urethra, and anal sphincter muscles, in men a fluid is emitted from the urethra
orgasm phase
blood drains from breasts, outer third of the vagina, labia minora, and clitoris, blood drains from the penis and testicles, return to the unaroused state
resolution phase
penis starts to become erect, labia minora become engorged with blood, vaginal lubrication begins, sex tension flush appears, clitoris is most prominent, outer third of the vagina becomes engorged with blood, testicles increase in size from 50-100%
vasocongestive response
Tissues becoming filled with blood during sexual arousal is called _____
Some women emit a fluid during orgasm that comes from the _____.
Most women and many men get a skin rash called the _____ when they become highly sexually aroused.
sex tension flush
The engorgement and swelling of the outer third of the vagina was named the _____ by Masters and Johnson
orgasmic platform
A sensitive area that is found of the front wall of the vagina in about 10% of all women is called the _____.
After ejaculating, most men have a period of time called the _____ during which it is impossible for them to have another orgasm
refractory period