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Chapter 6
What is chapter 6 basically all about?
It tells us what happened to the wife and children over a year ago.
Where were the children all that night?
Ruth & Bronia asleep in bedroom next to their moms.
Edek in room top floor.
Chpt 6
What did Edek do?
His room door locked.
Banged his fist, shouted.
Lay on floor to listen.
Climbed through the trap door in his ceiling.
Chpt 6
What did Edek find in the ceiling?
a rifle
hidden between felt jacket and water tank.
Why would this rifle have helped Edek?
knew how to use it.
Member of Rifle Brigade
used rifle in the sige of Warsaw.
Chpt 6
How many shots did Edek fire?
3 or more
3or more
1 hit soldier in arm
2 hit tyres
other shots went wild.
Chpt 6
How were the children attired when they left?
Bronia-dressed + mwoollen scaf (Ruth did it)
Ruth-coat over her nightdress
Edek-pyjamas, fathers coat, stout boots on bare feet and rifle.
Chpt 6
What does billeted mean?
military a private home or a guest house providing temporary accommodations for people in the armed forces.
Nazis living in the area temporaily
Chpt 6
What is a parapet?
a low protective wall built where there is a sudden dangerous drop, for example, along the edge of a balcony, roof, or bridge.
Chpt 6
What was it that made their escape possible over the houses?
That all the houses this side of the school were all joined together in one long terrace.
Chpt 6
What is a terrace?
A balcony
a level outdoor surface that extends from one of the upper floors of an apartment or house
Chpt 6
Describe what happened on top of the teraces.
They had gone 10o yds, 1st explosion shook air. fire lept up from their home.They fell flat in snow, roof shook. everything trembled.2nd explosion-smoke flames.
Chpt 6
Describe the children after escape.
Tired, cold , hungery.
slept till mid day.
Chpt 7
Describe how Edek made life livable for his sisters in this chapter.
Fetched mattress, curtains. Floorboards-made 2 beds, chairs, table. wall to dived cellar into 2 rooms.Stole blankets.
Chpt 7
Why did Edek not have a Polish ration card.
Would mean he had to reveal his age. Everyone over 12 should register, he would have been sent to Germany as a slave worker.
Chpt 7
How did the chidren manage for food in this chapter?
Eat at soup kitchen. Begged at near by convent. Stole from Nazis or went through their garbage bins.
Chpt 7
What does scrounged mean?
to acquire something from somebody by begging or borrowing without intending to make repayment or return
Chpt 7
Chpt 7
Describe the difference in the ways Edek and Ruth adusted to the war condictions.
Edek-self reliant, sharpe,made the descisions for the family.Ruth- slower, relied on Edek. learned slower-became a great teacher.Made Bronia less miserable.
Chpt 7
What does charred mean?
to blacken something or become blackened by burning or scorching
Chpt 7
What does urchin mean? pg 48
a mischievous child, especially a young one who is unkempt in appearance
Chpt 7
Describe Ruth's classes.
Give example of daily schedule.
Chpt 7
Describe life in the woods
Cleaner, healthier, more food. Pge 49-50
Chpt 7
Describe what Edek did inorder for the family to survive.
Pg 50-51
smuggled - when-what -where -with whom and how.
pg 52 last paragraph
Chpt 7
What does suburbs mean? pg 51
a district, especially a residential one, on the edge of a city or large town
Chpt 7
What happened to Edek when he did not return one morning.
Pg 51
Chpt 7
What does quail mean? pg 52
to tremble or shrink with fear or apprehension
Chpt 8
What does defensive mean? Pg 53
concentrating more on preventing an opponent from gaining an advantage than on scoring