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ASL defined
native lang of large % of NA Deaf pop, not based on English, mix of French SL and early ASL
PSE defined
Pidgin Signed English-2 lang. come in contact w/ each other, no specific rules ASL in English word order
MCE defined
Manually coded English-generic term for all sign systems that represent English grammar
developed by educators in 60's and 70's to facilitate English Lang. Attempt to show English on hands
MCE Characteristics
signs for prefixes, suffixes, articles, inflections, tense endings, may not be conceptually correct, signs have been adapted
ASL Characteristics
new signs 2 handed, has own grammar, morph, phono, and syntax, facial expression and body lang., no written form, own literature
PSE characteristics
articles deleted, facilitate comm. bt deaf and hearing, deaf sign to hearing, ASL deaf sign to deaf
For WH??
Lower eyebrows, lean forward, and put WH word last
For Yes/No??
Raise eyebrows, lean forward, and hold last sign