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to pay
yo pago
I pay
tu pagas
you pay (informal)
usted paga
you pay (formal)
el paga
he pays
ella paga
she pays
ustedes pagas
you all pay (formal)
ellos pagas
they pay (masculine or mixed)
ellas pagas
they pay (feminine)
nosotros pagamos
we pay (masculine or mixed)
nosotras pagmos
we pay (feminine)
vosotros pagais
you all pay (informal, masculine or mixed)
vosotras pagais
you all pay (informal, feminine)
to speak
yo hablo
I speak
tu hablas
you speak (informal)
usted habla
you speak (formal)
el habla
he speaks
ella habla
she speaks
ustedes hablan
you all speak (formal)
ellos hablan
they speak (masculine or mixed)
ellas hablan
they speak (feminine)
nosotros hablamos
we speak (masculine or mixed)
nosotras hablamos
we speak (feminine)
vosotros hablais
you all speak (informal, masculine or mixed)
vostras hablais
you all speak (feminine)