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- Concord -
n. con'

A state of agreement, harmony, unanimity; a treaty, pact, covenant
- Flotsam -
n. flot'

Floating debris; homeless, impoverished people.
- Atrophy -
n. or v. a'

The wasting away of a body organ or tussye; any progressive decline or failure

To waste away
- Bastion -
n. bas'

A fortified place, stronghold
- Frenetic -
adj. net'

Frenzied, highly agitated.
- Consummate -
adj. or v. con'

Complete or perfect in the highest degree

To bring to a state of completion or perfection.
- Disarray -
n. or v. ray'

Disorder, confusion;

To throw into disorder.
- Exigency -
n. ex'

Urgency, pressure, urgent demand, passing need; an emergency
- Glean -
v. glean'

To gather bit by bit; to gather small quantities of grain left in a field by reapers.
- Grouse -
n. or v. grouse'

A type of game bird; a complaint.

To complain or grumble.
- Incarcerate -
v. car'

To imprison, confine, jail
- Incumbent -
adj. or n. cum'

Obligatory, required.

One who holds a specific office at the time spoken of
- Jocular -
adj. joc'

Humorous, jesting, jolly, joking.
- Ludicruos -
adj. lud'

Ridiculous, laughable, absurd.
- Mordant -
adj. mor'

Biting or caustic in thought, manner, or style; sharply or bitterly harsh.
- Nettle -
n. or v. net'

A prickly or stinging plant

To arouse displeasure, impatience, or anger, to vex or irritate severely.
- Pecuniary -
adj. cu'

Consisting of or measured in money; of or related to money.
- Recumbent -
adj. cum'

In a reclining position, lying down, in the posture of one sleeping or resting.
- Strategem -
n. strat'

A scheme to outwit or deceive an opponent or to gain an end
- Pusillanimous -
adj. lan'

Contemptibly cowardly or mean-spirited.