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A job consisting of forty hours per week that requires a major commitment of time and labor
Full-time job
A specific offer of employment.
Job offer
department for recruiting and hireing new employees, for administering employee benifit programs
Personnel department
Rent temporary employees to companies for short and limited amounts of time.
Temporary service.
Type of insurance that pays financial losses if an employee fails to do his/her duty, or is guilty of theft.
the lowest wage a employer may pay for a certain type of work.
Minimum wage
A test used to help them screen for the most skilled potential employees.
Pre-emplyement test
Program similar to an affirmative action programm in which employers may be required to hire minoritie, women, or the physically challenged
Fair employement programm
A interview that give you the oppertunity to present yourself personally to the employer.
Job interview
A contribution of free labor, usually to a nonprofit organization.
Voulenteer work
A for generally used by employers to screen out unqualified applicants before job interviews are conducted.
Job application form
This document may certify that you dont have specific infectionous disease, or that youre free of certain drugs.
Health certificate
Form I9.
Employement eligability cerification form
Laws conserning work permits.
Fair labor standards act
Pre-employement test developed by the federal goverment, for specific goverment jobs.
Civil service examination
An investigation to verify your former employer, schools attended, and personal refrences.
backround check
A serious crime.
Readiness and ability to take the first steps in any undertaking.
A permit for employees under the age of 18, for most nonfarm jobs
Work Permit