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not real life
short story
fiction; product of author's imagination; author combines people, places, events, ideas to drete fictional world; should be able to read in a SHORT amount of time
main purpose of short story
to illustrate a truth, generalization, or lesson about life
basic elements of a short story
plot, character, setting, point of view, theme
two types of characterization
direct characterization

indirect characterization
six parts of plot
exposition, narrative hook, rising action, climax/turning point, falling action, resolution/denouement
uncertainty or desire reader feels about what will happen in story
clues given by author that give hints as to what will happen in story
situatinal irony

verbal irony

dramtic irony
when opposite of what u expect happens

when writer or speaker says one thing but really means opposite (a lot of times, but not always, sarcasm)

when audience or reader knows something important that a character in a play or story does not know
time and place of story; includes culture of group of people and/or historical events
underlying meaning in story; lesson about life story teaches
struggle b/w two opposing forces
direct characterization
when author directly states facts about character's personality
indirect characterization
when author reveals character's personality through character's words and actions or through what other characters say about that person
destiny; force that controls every aspect of life; fate is unaboidable and unchangeable