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What is plot?
A series of related events that surround a conflict
What are the the typical stages in a plot?
1. the conflict is introduced
2. there are complications
3. the main character takes action
4. the conflict comes to a climax
5. the conflict is resolved
How does the "Cask of Amantillado" follow the typical pattern that a plot follows
1. the conflict is introduced(Fortunato introduces the feud)
2. there are complications
(it is Mardi Gras/ servants will go out)
3. the main character takes action (Montressor leads Fortunato to the catacombs
4. the conflict comes to a climax (Montressor walls Fortunato into cave)
5. the conflict is resolved
(Montressor leaves Fortunato)
What are characters?
People in the story
What two ways can authors reveal characters?
Directly and indirectly
What are indirect methods of characterization?
Through the character's:
- actions
through the reactions of others
How is General Zaroff characterized in "The Most Dangerous Game"
1. He is physically described
2. His actions show that he enjoys the challenge of the hung
3. His words show that he thinks he is very civilized
4. We are not given his thoughts because the story is told from the 3rd person limited point of view.
5. Rainsford shows us how Zaroff is a barbarian
What is the setting?
The time and place in which a story takes place.
What two ways can an author convey (let the reader know)
the setting?
What does the setting include?
- time of day
-time in history
How is setting conveyed directly in "The Scarlet Ibis"?
Through the author's statements and description:
- clove of seasons
- Old woman swamp
How is the setting indirectly conveyed?
- through references to WWI
What is point of view?
The author's choice of narrator for a story
How does the point of view affect the story?
Determines the amount of information a reader is given and determines the angle from which the conflict/problem is described
How does point of view affect
"The Scarlet Ibis"?
We learn only how the narrator feels about Doodle many years from the time the accident occurs.
We never learn anything about the reaction of the other characters to Doodle's death
What is theme?
The problem/question the author asks readers to consider
How can an author develop theme?
directly and indirectly; ususally directly
What is the theme of Cask of Amantillado?
the nature of revenge
What is the theme of the Most Dangerous game
are there only 2 classes: the hunter and the hunted? Is war a continuation of the hunt?
What is an allusion?
A reference to an event or idea outside the novel
Give an example of an allusion in The Scarlet Ibis
refers to places in WWI and the death of a neighbor's son
What is foreshadowing?
A hint of what will happen later in the story
Give an example of foreshadowing in the "The Most Dangerous Game"
the conversation about hunting
Rainsford discovering the signs of the hunt
What is flashback?
An interuption in the action of the novel to something that happened at an earlier time
Give an example of a flashback in "The Scarlet Ibis"
the narrator says that sometimes -- like now-- he remembers Doodle and then flashes back to when they were children
What is irony?
A contrast between what appears to be and what it really is
What is verbal irony
When what is expected or intended contrasts with what occurs
What is situational irony?
when what happens differs than what is expected
Give an example of situational irony in "Grover Dill"
The narrator in “Grover Dill” is afraid that he will be in trouble for swearing, yet at home, his mother says, “I’m not going to tell him {the father}….We’ll tell him that your stomach is upset”
What is the protagonist?
the chief character in the story
Give examples of antagonists and protagonists.
Tasso/Chief of Police
Ralph/Grover Dill
What is the antagonist?
the person who attempts to thwart the protagonist
What is a symbol?
Something concrete, such as an object, person, place, or action that stands for something more abstract, such as an idea, a feeling, or an emotion.
Why do authors use symbols?
Authors use symbols to enrich their stories, poems and dramas.
How is the ibis a symbol of Doodle?
both are special -- from another place
both fall in front of a scarlet tree
both lay gracefully/fragilely