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Produced the first translation of the entire Bible into the English language
J. Wycliffe
1st modern explorer to reach N. America
John Cabot
Perfected the steam engine
James Watt
One of the most famous writers of all times.
William Shakespeare
Famous English preacher
Father of Sunday School
Founder of the modern nursing
Florence Nightingale
Discovered Australia
Captain Cook
Led England to victory during W.W. II.
Winston Churchill
The second smallest continent.
The name given to Europe and Asia together, is the world's largest landmass.
____ is not included in the United Kingdom of Great Britain.
Northern Ireland
The ___ ___ ____ introduced machinery.
Age of Industry
__ _____ ruled for 64 years. those years were known as the Victorian Age.
Queen Victoria
_______ ________ started orphanges.
George Muller
______ is the false idea that man began with animals.
____ _____ was the man who thought that man evolved from animals.
Charles Darwin
___ ____ was also a well-known Prime Minister.
Margaret Thatcher
_____ is known for its peat bogs that are used as fuel.
____ ___ ____ rebuilt London after W.W. II.
Sir Chris Wren