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The athwartships structure consists of what components?
Transverse frames and decks
When did the Navy acquire it's first aircraft?
What are the three designs of masts?
Pole, tripod and cage
What class cruisers are built on the Spruance (DD 963) hull?
The Ticonderoga (CG 47) class
What is the top of a mast called
The truck
What type of a compartment is identified by a last letter of "AA"?
Cargo hold
Traditionally, how are destroyers named?
After Secretaries of the Navy and officers and enlisted personnel of the Navy and Marine Corps.
What is the intended use for surface patrol craft
Near the coast or in sheltered water or rivers
What is the poop deck
A partial deck above the main deck located all the way aft.
With few exceptions, support craft designations start with what letter?
What is the distance from the waterline to the main deck
What is the name for the frames running parallel with the keel?
Name of the after end of the kee;, which is extended upward
What is the gallery deck?
The First half deck or partial deck below the flight deck.
What type of a compartment is identified by a last letter of "K"?
Chemicals and dangerous materials (other than oil and gasoline).