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What are the problems with shiftwork?
you are working across your Tmin
you are trying to get to sleep in you WMZ
any sleep you do get is light
you will get only 5-6hrs light sleep, so lots of sleep debt
as time goes on, trying to stay awake around 5-6am is increasingly hard.
Do shiftworkers adjust/
usually, no. Some adjustment might start after 5 or 6 nights, but this is still poor adjustment.
What can help one adjust?
bright light given 4 hrs into the shift might phase delay the CBT somewhat shifting Tmin from 5am to 10am. This can help as you are not working across your Tmin or trying to sleep across WMZ.
What are the practicalities of this treatment, though?
Not practical as people still want to interact with family, social life. Only good for those on constant nightshift.
Is shiftwork bad for health?
Quite possibily. Studies done on rats and mice have shown that the immune system is more vulnerable at certain times of the night. constant changes to the circ rhythm can possibly cause earlier death.
What is the main take home message regarding shiftwork?
Best not to go changing your circ rhythms around too much with bright light therapy as it might affect health.