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Yang Deficiency is characterized by what Zang-Fu Pattern
Yang Deficiency arise due to what?
Lack of Yang energy in the body.
Yang energy is responsible for what?
Warming the body and the transformation of Food and fluids
Yang can become deficient due to what?
Chronic disease
Constitutional weakness
Exposure to external Cold
Accumulation of internal cold due to deficient Qi
Consumtion of cold, raw foods
Fatigue, lethargy
Pale complexion
Edema (swelling)
Spontaneous sweating
Clear, abundant urine
Diarrhea, loose stools are signs and symptoms of what?
Yang Deficiency Patterns
Empty Cold
Organs affected by Empty-Cold
Empty-Cold Tongue
Pale, Swollen, wet
Empty-Cold Pulse
Weak, deep, slow
Technique for Empty-Cold
Application for Empty-Cold
Direction Empty-Cold
With the channel
Level of Empty-Cold
Speed of Empty-Cold
Breath of Empty-Cold
With the exhale
Yin Excess conditions are characterized by what?
Yin pathogenic factors:
Cold, Dampness, and/or Phlegm which accumulate in the body when there is insufficient Yang Qi to warm and transform fluids or by an external invasion.
According to 8 principles Yin Excess Pattern falls under what general catagory?
Full-Cold conditions
What is the primary focus of treatment of Full-Cold conditions? What is the secondary goal?
Eliminate pathogenic factor is primary goal

Tonify Yang Qi to prevent the formation of Cold, Damp, and Phelgm is the Secondary Goal.
The Signs and Symptoms for Full-Cold are similar to the ones for Empty-Cold,except that Full-Cold patterns are what?
Generally acute and involve pain or cramping.
What are the following Signs and Symptoms for?
Cold Limbs
Bright White Complexion
No Thirst
Desire for warm liquids
Loose Stools
Abdominal pain that is worse with pressure and better with warmth, or improves after a bowel movement
Clear abundant urination.
Yin Excess Patterns
Full-Cold conditions
What are the following Signs and Symptoms for?
Feeling of heaviness
Sticky, cloudy, clear or white fluid discharges
Tends to affect the lower body
Blocks the flow of Qi and blood
Aggravated by Damp climate
Full-Cold Tongue
Pale body, thick white coat
Pulse Full-Cold
Full, Tight, Slow
Tongue Full-Cold Damp
Thick sticky or greasy white coat
Pulse Full-Cold Damp
Organs affected by Full-Cold Conditions
Stomach, Spleen, Intestines, Uterus, Lungs
Full-Cold Technique
Full-Cold Application
Against the Flow of the channel
Deep (Heavy)
Breath Full-Cold
With the inhale
Yin Deficiency is what in the 8 principle patterns
Empty-Heat results from what?
Lack of nourishing and cooling yin energies.
What chronic condition can result from overwork, aging, heat diseases, chronic disease,excessive sex, and constitional weakness.
Malar Flush
Feeling of heat in the afternoon or evening
Dark, scanty urine
Dry stools
5-palm heat
Thirst with desire to drink small sips
Dry mouth
are signs and symptoms of what?
Empty-Heat Tongue
Red, peeled or no coat
Empty-Heat Pulse
Floating-empty, weak, thin, rapid
Organs affected by Empty-Heat
Kidney, Heart, Lung, Liver and Stomach
Technique for Empty-Heat
Application for Empty-Heat
Direction for Empty-Heat
With the flow of the channel
Speed for Empty-Heat
Slow in/Quicker out
Level for Empty-Heat
Breath for Empty-Heat
With the exhale
Treatment Goal for Empty-Heat
Tonify Yin
Yang Excess patterns are characterized by signs of Heat or Fire, which can arise from what?
Long term emotional stress
Diet (energetically hot or spicy foods)
heat diseases
Red Face and eyes
Dark, scanty urine
Feeling of heat
Mental restlessness
Raised, red skin eruptions
Burning sensations
Bitter taste
High fever
are signs and symptoms of what?
Yang Excess Patterns
Full-Heat Tongue
Red w/a yellow coat or Red and Swollen
Full-Heat Pulse
Full, Wiry, rapid
Organs affected by Full-Heat
Liver, Heart, Stomach, Lungs
Treatment Goal for Full-Heat?
Clear Heat (disperse or Subdue Yang)
Treatment Goal for Liver-Yang Rising?
Clear Heat
Tonify Yin
Technique for Full-Heat
Application for Full-Heat
Direction for Full-Heat
Against the flow of the channel
Speed for Full-Heat
Quick in/slow out
Level for Full-Heat
Breath for Full-Heat
With the inhale
Within the Eight Principle framework, Qi and/or Blood Stagnation are what?
Excess (Full) conditions
Qi stagnation is most often the result of what?
Emotional stress and overwork
Blood stagnation can be the result of what?
Qi stagnation, Qi deficiency, Blood deficiency, Internal Cold, Heat in the Blood, or Phlegm.
The primary treatment goal of Qi and/or Blood Stagnation is what?
Move (disperse) Qi and Blood
Feelings of distension of fullness
Mood swings
Pain that moves from place to place
Frequent sighing
are signs and symptoms of what?
Qi Stagnation
Qi Stagnation Tongue
Normal or Lavender
Qi Stagantaion Pulse
Organs affected by Qi Stagnation
Liver, Heart, Lungs, Stomach, Intestines
Sharp, stabbing pain that is localized
Blood clotting
Bluish-purple lips, face or nails
Menstual pain or cramping
Fixed abdominal masses
are signs and symptoms of what?
Blood stagnation
Blood Stagnation Tongue
Purple or purple spots
Blood Stagnation Pulse
Wiry or Choppy
Organs affected by Qi and Blood Stagnation.
Liver, Heart, Stomach, Intestines, Uterus
Qi and Blood Stagnation Technique
Qi and Blood Stagnation Application
Qi and Blood Stagnation Direction
Against the flow of the channel
Qi and Blood Stagnation Speed
Quick in/Slow out
Qi and Blood Stagnation Level
Qi: superficial to middle
Blood: middle to deep
Qi and Blood Stagnation Breath
With the inhale
Since Qi and Blood Stagnation are Full (Excess) condition, they are treated like what?
Yang-Excess (Full-Heat) conditions even though there are no signs of Heat