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The fathers (& mothers)
-blessed are you
-our God and the God of our forefathers (& matriarchs)
-Abraham, Isaac, Jacob
-(Sarah,Rebeccah,Leah and Rachel +)
-bestows beneficial kindnesses
-creates everything
-recalls the kindnesses of the patriarchs (& matriarchs)
-brings a redeemer to children's children
who is exceedingly strong ?
God's might
What about moisture and when ?
From Passover through Succot

Who makes the dew descend.

Between Shemini Atzeres and Passover

Who makes the rain blow and the rain descend.
How does God keep us ?
Who sustains the living with loving kindness.
How does God resusitate those who aren't living ?
resusitates the dead with abundant mercy
How does God care for us when we stumble ?
supports the fallen
When we are ill what does God do ? When
pressed ? When very sad ?
heals the sick,releases the confined,and maintains God's
faith to those asleep in the dust.
Is God unique ? How good is God at great acts ? Is anyone just like God,
The certain leader in whose might is our entire being.
Who is like You, O Master of mighty deeds, and who is comparable to You, O King, Who causes death and restores life and makes salvation sprout!
What is it important for us to try and emulate along with all God's works ?
What quality of God does this act magnify ?
And You are faithful to resusitate the dead. Blessed are You Hashem, Who resusitates the dead.
sanctified oneness of God
Holiness of God's Name
God is ?
God's (word by this God is called) is what ?
These are devoted how often and how long ?
Because ?
This is a characteristic of God and relates to God's sanctified oneness.
You are holy and
Your Name is holy,
and holy ones praise You every day, forever,
for You are God the great and holy sovereign.
Blessed are You HaPeacefullnessOfLife, the holy God.
From generation to generation we shall relate your greatness and for infinite eternities we shall proclaim Your Holiness. Your praise . our God, shall not leave our mouth forever and ever, for You are God the great and holy sovereign. Blessed are You HaPeacefullnessOfLife, the holy God.
God, warm and generous
You graciously
bestow one in holy learning information
endow a person with knowledge
a Rabbi gives this gift to us weak beings of flesh.

a supplication to God to bestow from HaPeacefullnesOfLife, the holy comprehension,perception,and holy learning information.

God who is thus,generously bestows holy learning information.
and teach insight to a frail mortal.
Endow us graciously from Yourself with wisdom, insight, and knowledge. Blessed are You, HaPeacefulnessOfLife,gracious Giver of knowledge.
to approach with holiness and deeply respect

apropos to the lightful words of these angels
We will sanctify You and revere you

according to the pleasant words of the council of the Holy Seraphim.
these count of times Kedushah will be said, in your presence, geshvah geshvreedin by God's holy ones who see the future.
who thrice recite Holy,before you, as is written by your profit,
and an aleph seraphim will relate with vigor to another aleph seraphim thus speaking
and one angel will call another and say
Kedosh,Kedosh,Kedosh be God
Holy,Holy,Holy is Hapeacefulnessoflife
teacher and shepard of multitudes
Master of Legions
the creation on earth be full of the
beauty of Hapeacefulnessoflife's deeds.
the whole world is filled with God's glory
with faces towards each other the seraphim laud, chanting with words
Facing them they give praise saying
everyone - this devotion is the beauty of the deeds of Ha
All - Blessed is the Glory of HaPeacefulnessOfLife
a synagogue leader - in scripture the proceeding geshvah geshreedin
prayer leader - And in your Holy Writings the follwing is written:
everyone - Ha will be the heavenly sovereign all this time and yo Ha Israel throughout the parents and their children
All - HaPeacefulnessOfLife shall reign forever and your God O Zion from generation to generation
Kedoshim L

God is kedosh & what all of God's names are called be kedosh

You are holy and Your Name is holy
& kedosh aleph laud God each hiyom,this long time
and holy ones praise You every day,forever
because yo L, immense & kedosh heavenly sovereign
for you are God, the great and holy king