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Where is a protractor used?
for constructing lines for angles other than 45 or 90 degrees
How is a point marked with a prick punch?
By using light taps with a small ball peen hammer.
WHat is used to scribe a circle with a radius larger than dividers?
Trammel points
Where are dividers used?
To scribe arcs and circles, to transfer measurements from a scale to the layout, and to transfer measurements from one part of the layout to another.
What is a stretchout?
A pattern on a flat sheet which has not been formed into a three dimensional object.
How do you compute circumferance?
multiply the diameter by PI or 3.1416
Why are edges formed?
To improve the appearance of the work, to strengthen the piece or to prevent a sharp edge
How are sheetmetal edges formed?
form the metal itself by inserting wire, or by attaching a band or angle iron.
Name the three kinds of lap seams?
plain, offset, and corner.
How are lap seams joined?
By drilling and riveting , by soldering or by a combination of both riveting and soldering.
What is the rivet allowance for a lap seam?
5 times the diameter of the rivet.
Where are grooved seams used?
In the construction of cylindrical shapes.
What are the two types of grooved seams?
Outside and inside.
What is the allowance for a grooved seam?
3 times the width of the lock.
What is the pittsburgh lock seam?
A corner seam which is used to advantage in rectangular ventilation lines, elbows and boxes.