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Web earners- davismomof16
10 minutes in hall closet
10 minutes in washroom
Make bed
Break ice
5 minutes in front closet
10 minutes in den closet
Sort mail
Lose 1 book
Emailtreasures- davismomof16
Elizabeth schoolwork started
Christian schoolwork started
Read Bible
Brush my teeth
Milesource- davismomof16
Wash Dishes
Empty Drainer
Sweep floor
Wipe kitchen table
1 thread on craft project
Check email
Check for hotspots in den
Check for hotspots in kitchen
Straighten den
Kids teeth brushed
Make copies
Laundry away before bed
Wipe countertops
Empty trashcan
Wipe stovetop
2 from fridge
Make boys beds
Vacuum livingroom
Check for hotspots in bedroom
Check for hotspots in livingroom