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Hiibel v. nevada
"stop and identify" was upheld. no 4th amend. violation
Ferguson v. Charleston
Violation of 4th. Testing crack in pregnant women
DesRoches v. Caprio
must have individualized suspicion. school search
Caballes v. illinois
dog search. must have suspicion. dog search must take place in time to write ticket. 10 min
Randolph v. GA
NOT able to search house without warrant even iwth partner consent
Edmond v Indianapolis
limited law enforcement searches with dogs at road blocks. need suspicion.
Miller v. CA
obscence material in mail not a 1st amend protection. each area decides whats obscence
RAV v ST. Paul
cross burning legal for politcal expression
Black v VA
cross burning limited. cant use to intimdate
Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire
fighting words doctrine. common words that make violence, not protected
Cohen v. CA
cannot make a law against "four" letter word. 1st amend upheld
Robinson v. Shell Oil
employees. cannot negativley give reference when filed under title VII
Mitchell v Wisconsin
crime bc of hate. assault charge and hate charge
personalized issues - music dress tattoos
broader, large issues. death penalty, Iraq War
8 classes NOT protected under 1st amend
1.fighting 2.sexual harras 3.child porn 4.obscenty 5.liable and slander 6.espionage 7.president threat 8.cross buring - intimidate
protected under title VII
race,religion, national origin. Gender creates hostile enviroment