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The Globe Theatre
- No producer or director
- Three tiers
- Minimal props and scenery
- Extravagent costumes and makeup
- Female roles played by boys
- No special effects
- Minimal rehersal time
- Shakespeare didn't own rights to his plays
The Three Tiers
- Hell --> villians fell through trapdoor into pits of damnation
- Heaven --> Canopy extended across stage to back wall
- Earth --> stage
- "The whole spectrum"
- Aristocrats --> special seats
- Groundlings --> paid penny for admission
- Women were permitted
- 10% of London's population regularly attended theatre
Speech in which character turns away and reveals true feelings
Blank verse
Unrhymed iambic pentameter
Braggart soldier
- Standard comic figure dating from antique Roman comedy
- Talks a lot
- Actions are mostly confined to words
A character who by contrast illuminates the hero's qualities
Iambic pentameter
- Standard metric form because of its easy inflection and rythm closely mymic the natural speaking voice
- Each line contains ten syllables consisting of an unaccented syllable following an accented one
The Four Humors
1. Phelgm- sluggish, pale, cowardly, stupid
2. Black bile- quick to anger, unmerciful, depressed
3. Blood- lovesick
4. Yellow bile- excessively jovial and lusty
Speech in which speaker is alone with private thoughts
An allegorical personification of evil and temptation (character)
Form of verbal wrestling in which each opponent tries to squeeze as many meanings as possible out of one word
The Great Chain of Being
- Method for ordering the universe
- Chaos was Elizabethans' greatest fear
- "All things in their proper chaos, in their proper proportion."

God --> Angels --> Man --> Animals --> Plants --> Ground, rocks