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When was Shakespeare born?
April 23, 1564
What 5 jobs did John Shakespeare have?
Tanner, glover, dealer in grain , town official/bailiff, tradesman
When did Shake marry Anne Hathaway and how old were they?
Novemeber 28, 1582 Anne- 26 (pregnant) Shake- 18
When was their daughter, Susanna born? When were their twins, Hamnet and Judith, born and what happened to one of them?
May 25, 1583
1585; Hamnet died at 11 on August 11, 1596
Where and what was shakespeare working as before he went to London?
Rumors say that he was an assistant schoolmaster in Lancashire
When did Shakespeare go to London (without his family) and what two things did he want to become?
1588; actor and playwright
Shake paid HOW much for a lease on a large portion of taxes on properties near Stratford when?
440 pounds on 1605
What were taxes called and what do they have to do with Shake?
Tithes; it was a good investment for shake and gave him a steady income
his education?
went to a free grammer school and learned Latin and classical greece
What acting company was he the leading man of?
Lord Chamberlain's men
When was he a shareholder of Lord Chamberlain's Men?
As Lord chamberlains men became London's leading company, from what year to what year did they occupy the glove theatre?
When did Shakespeare act infront of queen liz?
James I designated Shakespeare and his fellow actors as the ____ and made them the _____
King's Men; Grooms of the Chamber
When shakespeare retired in ___ he wrote __ plays and ___ sonnets and several poem
1611; 37; 154
How were Shakespeare's plays piblished?
they were performed
how many of Shakes plays were printed?
How many of his original texts survived of have been found?
What are penny-copies?
plays he sold to the more literate of his audience
When and where did Shakes retire?
1611 in Stratford
What 3 things was included in Shakes bill?
money to Judith, properties for Susanna, his second best bed to his wife
When did Shakes die?
april 23, 1616
When and Who printed the first folio?
1623, 2 working companions from Lord Chamberlains men, John Heminges and Henry Condell
What is the First folio?
efition of the collected works, of which half the plays contained were unpublished; contained sonnets
what did the first folio prove?
that shakes was the author of his works
Good friend, for jesus' sake forbeare, to dig the dust enclosed here. blessed be the man that spares these stones, and cursed be he that moves my bones

what is this?
his final piece of verse which is his epitaph
When did Queen Liz reign?
what 2 powers did england emerge as of the western world?
naval and commercial
what 2 things help elizabeth's reign maintain its position?
defeating the spanish armada in 1588 and establishing the church of englade
how much did London's population grow from 1500 to 1600? and which class grew the most helping the economy grow?
400%; merchants
In the 16th century, where did actors perform?
in the courtyar of inns in open spaces outside
in the courtyard of inns, where did the actors set up the stage? and where were the 2 viewing places?
wall; ground and the rooms at the inn
in the later part of the 16th century, what was begining to be build around london following the same courtyard idea?
In theatres, where was the cheapest places to stand and the most expensive place to sit?
yard; 3 layers of galleries, the most expensive one on top
which theatre was OWNED by James burbage?
Blackfriar's theatre
who built the globe and when and where ?
the sons of james burbage in 1599 when the landlord would not let them use the lease when their father passed away; across the river thames from london
how was the globe financed?
7 sharholders / housekeppers were put in place?
who were the 7 shareholders and how much did each own?
richard and cuthbert burbage owned 50% between them; Shakespeare and four others held 50% between them
How much is a housekeeper entitle to share of their profits?
When and why did shakespeare buy blackfriar's theatre?
1608 so their could be performances in the winter to make it more convenient
When and how did the globe burn down?
1613 from a spark that landed on the thatched roof from one of the cannons in a battle scene from Shakespeare's Henry VIII
when the theatre was rebuilt after 1613, when did it survive to and why was it destroyed again?
1644; during the rule of the Puritans who didnt like the plays because it took the workers away from their work
Who were the groundlings/penny stinkers and where did they sit?
poor spectators who sat in the pit/yard and threw food or drink at the actors if they didnt like the performance
Where did the goddessess or thunderboldts come from in the globe?
from the heavens under the roof
what could cost more than the performance of the play and were sometimes donated by nobility?
elaborate costumes and props
What is a masque; where did it take place?
popular entertainment in the Elizabethan courts where costumed guests wuold perform a dance before the host and company, after which they would invite the specators to join them?
what is an aside?
comment made by a characer that is heard by the audience or another character but is not intended for all the characters to hear.
What literary term reveals character's personalities and feelings?
What is the difference betweena monologue and a soliloquy?
a monologue is a long speech that a character gives to another character on stage and a soliloqur is delived by a character alone that reveals the PRIVATE thoughts and emotions of a character
What is the main character called in a tragedy and what is their weakness that leads to their downfall called?
tragic hero; tragic flaw
what is a sonnet/ how many lines does it have?
a lyric poem of 14 lines usually written in iambic pentameter following strict patterns of stanza division and rhyme
What is chance happening?
when an event occurs that seems like an accident but really reveals tht fate is having a role in the character's destinies.
How did London's economy flourish?
from the trade and textile industry
The commoners suffered from what 2 things? what class was the vst majority of english people?
poor dies and crowded living conditions; commoners
When was the first permanent playhouse built?
how many feet does the platform stage project into the open yard at the globe? about how many people could fit in the globe?
40 ft, 3000 people
When did Shakespeare write Romeo and Juliet? and what did he use as its' main source?
1595; tragical history of romeus and juliet
What two things did shakespeare use to express love in romeo and juliet?
attitudes and stereotypes
what was the time and place of the play?
summer 1300s in Verona and Mantua (northern italy)
who was the celebrated poet before shakespeare? from what year to what year was the english Renaissance?
Edmund Spenser; 1485- 1660