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James I/Jacobean
ruled after Elizabeth (1603-25), obsessed with witchcraft, scottish,
Relevance: MacBeth may be tribute to him
Gunpowder Plot/Guy Fawkes
1605, Catholic group of terrorists planned to blow up building in London/leader of the group.
Relevance: treason and regicide
Killing of a king or queen
Ex: MacBeth killing Duncan
trype of argument that avoids direct answers, seems to give answer, but no real answer, uses logic in clever ways. Ex: Witches in MacBeth
16th century historian who writes about the history of England (source of MacBeth)
putting someone in a role by hailing them, calling them in a way that defines them in a role. (maybe a role they don't deserve)
Ex: MacBeth by the witches
wyrd/weird (sisters)
dealing with 3 fates, share 1 eye.
Ex: MacBeth's fate (how does what they say control?)
book by James 1, witches
disregard for morals and ethics, reject laws, skeptic, destructive, rebellious
Ex: MacBeth
blank means blank, clear, attaching an attribute to a subject, info about a subject in a sentence, absolute can be dangerous
Ex: MacBeth is ambitions, maybe/maybe not
say one thought, break, new thought vs. one thought leading right into the next, no break
War of the Roses
1450-1485 b/t Lancaster (red) and York (white). Started by Henry V killing Richard II
Aristotle (3 Unities)
Greek philosopher-
1. Time
2. Place
3. Action
Ex: Henry V in many places
version or copy of original
pragmatic view of power, become good leader not by being good, but by appearing to look good.
character, bad guy, parody, schemer
excessive pride, arrogence
word that has a sound that represents what the word is
copulatio (axa)
repetition of a word w/ some other words in b/t
epizeuxis (aa)
repetition of same word w/out other words in b/t
-creates emphasis, makes you think about other potential meanings
story v. plot
basic events v. how arranged and told
social and political process of distinguishing someone different than you as an enemy, often by demonizing, sometimes builds national unity
-can also involve taking something from other and making it your own
Ex: Henry V, the french
collage, things that normally don't go together
Ex: Slaughterhouse 5, sci fi, war etc.
develops concept of magician
style of parody, cultural sensibility, not connected to master rulers (church, stable snese of heroism)
-culture of pastiche
literary form or type
-shows values, communication (tells you what to expect), can violate expectations
smaller type, more specific
second=Richard II, 1 Henry IV, 2 Henry IV, Henry V
Tudor Myth
theory about history that praises the Tudor family by suggesting that all unhappy events in previous century were resolved when Tudors took over
long literary text, generally about heroism, one principle plot, usually large geographical range, classical tradition
Ex: Illiad, Faerie Queen
speech act
theory that we should study language that's uttered, how language works, speech has effects. can use to talk about themes, characters
-speech as an action
magician, powerful character, developed as somebody good (white) or evil, demonic (black)
Ex: Prospero
wild man/green man
unlearned, uncivilized, uncultured
Ex: Caliban
Edward Spencer
16th century english poet, wrote a long epic, Faerie Queen-colonialism
Advocated that Irish be under marshall law and burn cross to starve them into submission
island, ideal, political and all issues solved. fantasy, travel, etc. Contemporary political debates, second guess, does it really work?
Ex: Tempest-only Utopia for Propero, others not free
Utopian Literature
imagines an ideal place, government and society function perfectly, but at what cost? (Freedom)
Thomas More
philosopher, religious, ficticious, writing, martyr, catholic faith
-Wrote Utopia
no king/monarch or king's power should be controlled
literary form w/ predetermined characteristics-mood, plot structure-quests, character, events (tragedy and comedy)
-Shakespeare:family, bring child home, virginal daughter, finding what is lost
type of dramatic production put on in court (not public)-elaborate, involves a lot of music, B&W characters, stresses spectacle, fancy sets
Ex: Tempest- Ariel's party for Miranda
episode in a masque when bad guys come in and try to overthrow
Ex: Tempest-Caliban and boys
setting for romance, country, out in nature, alone, little competition
Latin poet, author if Aeneid
make a difficult task look easy
Ex: MacBeth or Cawdor dying, no big deal