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When was A Midsummer Nights Dream written?
1595 A.D.
What 3 types of plays did Shakespeare create?
1. Comedies- aims to amuse and ends happily
2. Tragedies- aims to give the audience emotional experience of some great human problem- ends sadly
3. Histories
What was one of the three types of plays that A Midsummer Night's Dream based on?
Comedy (of the ups and downs of romantic love)
Where was the setting of A Midsummer Night's Dream?
Mixed. Ancient athens and the woods outside of London
What was the time of A.M.N.D?
1230 B.C.
What was one thing that was from the play that was really never in Athens?
What two holidays did Shakespeare mix up in A.M.N.D?
May Day and Midsummer's Even
What would happen during Summer Solstice (it is a key point in the play)
People would act irrationaly, Animals would talk, Faires came out, Plants and flowers had magical powers
What does the moon symbolize?
Romance, Irattionality, Things being what they dont apear to be, Sensual
What were the 3 types of characters in A.M.N.D? (and describe)
The noble Athenians
1) Theseus- The Duke of Athens who conquered the Amazons and was going to marry the queen Hippolyta

1) Not educated. They provided most of the humor for the play

1) Kind Oberon
2) Queen Titania
3) Puck- the assistant to Oberon, size of a human boy, responsible for the wrongs in life, if you dont want him to play tricks on you, cal him Robin Goodfellow
What was the capability that Shakespeare had?
Negative Capability- The ability not to judge the people in the play
What were the four lovers in the play and who were they each in love with?
Hermia loves Lysander and he loves her, Helena loves Demetrius but he loves Hermia.
Iambic Pentameter
Meter hat Shakespeare used in msny of his plays