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At first, Will believes Jed is a coward because...
he didn't fight in the war.
Will believed the cause of the war was...
about state's rights
Meg told Will her father did not fight in the war because...
he didn't think it was right to kill other men over something that did not matter.
Will handles the boy's teasing at the pond by...
keeping his cool and walking away.
Uncle Jed didn't answer Will when he called him while walking the trap because...
he wanted to be called by his name.
Mr. Jenkins was angry with Jed because...
he avoided the conscription teams by going hunting.
Hank was angry at Will because...
he would not tell the truth about his brother Charles.
After talking to the miller's helper Will realized...
both the Union and the Confederate armies did a lot of damage to private property.
Will was so angry that Jed allowed Jim to stay "under the same roof" because...
Jim fought on the Union side.
Jim left what behind for Will?
a leather covered book
Hank got a beating from his father because...
he didn't give Will the letter.
Uncle Jed decided to accept the money gift from Jim Woodley because...
he was returning a kindness.
Will decided to stay with Jed, Ella and Meg because...
he realized Jed's home was his home.
Why did Will go to live with Aunt Ella and Jed?
His family died in the war.
The army scouts didn't get the Jones' meat because...
Jed hung it up in a tree in the woods.
Will's mother didn't corrospond (write)to Ella during the was because...
Will's father would not allow her.